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As described in my recent blog about the HCP 3rd Party Integration Framework, we provide cloud-based services designed to optimize the mobile experience. Specifically, two services (SAP HCP mobile service for app and device management and HCP mobile service for SAP Fiori) leverage cloud-to-cloud integration with Keynote as party of this framework.

In this blog I will share how to test internally developed mobile apps for quality before publishing them.

Most companies have many different smartphones and tablets approved for use, and ensuring an app works properly across these devices can be a challenge. If you've tried testing an app on one device on one network, it wont necessarily work the same on another device on another network. With this integration, you can quickly test apps on a wide-range of cloud-based smartphones and tablets.

Keynote Mobile Testing is a mobile app testing platform which has a cloud-based library of real mobile devices, with scripting options, test automation, and integration with agile development tools. The integration helps to ensure app quality by testing on the devices your customers use. It also reduce the complexity and asset management headaches from sourcing and managing mobile devices. Finally you can speed app delivery by finding, reproducing, and fixing issues faster and earlier in the development process

To enable this integrated feature, log in to SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit, and activate the "App & Device Management" service under "Mobile Services". 

From HCP mobile service for app and device management console you will need to enable Keynote Mobile Testing in the Device Test Cloud option in your Account settings. Select Account -> Device Test Cloud -> Keynote Mobile Testing.

As part of the ‘Manage App’ process, when you have added the supported platform(s) for your app, you will be able to test the app by clicking the Actions gear and selecting the “Launch on Device Cloud” option.

Approve the security pop-up:

Keynote Mobile Testing will then launch, showing the available devices relevant to your app. For example if your app is an iOS app, you will see a range of Apple devices.

Click on the green power icon to acquire the device you want to test on and your app will be automatically downloaded and installed onto the device and launched for you to test.

Now you can run through your functional tests to ensure your app operates as desired. Anything you can do on a device on your hand, you can do in Keynote Mobile Testing – gestures, swipes, accelerometer, orientation, power and more.

While SAP provides this integration to Keynote Mobile Testing, we do not sell licenses of this product directly. Once your trial period is over, you can contact Keynote Mobile Testing directly at or call them at 650.403.245