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Today at TechEd 2021, Juergen Mueller shared some exciting news regarding the free tier model for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).   Building on the initial free tier launch back in July, today’s announcement focused on the news of additional free tier services – including SAP HANA Cloud!  Juergen also announced the expansion of the SAP BTP free tier model to individual developers – now they can freely explore and gain hands-on experience with SAP BTP services – a benefit already available to CPEA/PAYG customers and partners today.

This blog post will focus on the availability of the free tier model for SAP HANA Cloud.  While developers to date have been able to freely explore SAP HANA Cloud with the Trial version, the new free tier model offers some additional benefits including:

  • Availability on many more landscapes – This includes several AWS and Azure landscapes in regions spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The specific list available today includes for AWS: AP10, AP11, AP12, BR10, CA10, JP10, US10 and for Azure: AP20, AP21, EU20, JP20, US20, US21.  More landscapes (including EU10 and GCP) will follow at a later date.

  • Seamless upgrade from free tier to paid tier service plans - With the free tier model for SAP BTP you start with a productive account right away and have access to both free and paid tier plans. This means you can try out the SAP HANA Cloud free tier services and, with the click of a button, upgrade them to paid tier, without losing any work!

  • No expiry date – Your access to free tier will always be there – provided you have an SAP BTP account. No more trial expiry dates to contend with!

To use the HANA Cloud free tier service plans, you must first ensure they are enabled in your subaccount Entitlements.  And, if you wish to upgrade your SAP HANA Cloud free tier instances to paid plans at a later date, you should also enable the paid service plans.  The standard paid service plans are:

  • hana: required to create SAP HANA database instances

  • relational-data-lake: required to create SAP HANA Cloud, data lake instances

  • hana-cloud-connection: required if you wish to create an association (connection) between your SAP HANA database instance and your data lake instance

The free tier versions of these plans are:

  • hana-free

  • relational-data-lake-free

  • hana-cloud-connection-free

To help you get started with SAP HANA Cloud free tier, the following learning journeys are available:

Jump Start Your SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database (free tier model or trial)

Get Started with a Standalone SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake

We look forward to hearing about your SAP HANA Cloud free tier experience!