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In a few days, the new year will begin. So it's time once again to think about New Year's resolutions. In addition to classics such as exercising more, eating healthily, and spending more time with the family, cloud transformation is the top priority for many companies.

Personal goals tend to be up and down, just as professional goals. Situations change, and one is required to be flexible to changes. It is precisely in these changes that it is nice to have a contact person to ask questions about a particular topic.

With SAP HANA Cloud, SAP offers a database platform that has been developed natively for the cloud and allows it to react flexibly to changes. It combines the well-known features of SAP HANA with the advantages of the cloud (cost control, flexible scalability) in one product. Since SAP HANA Cloud is still very fresh, it was important for us to create a workshop that gives an overview and first contact with the product. This workshop was used by many customers and also SAP partners in 2021 as a contact to get a first impression of the cloud database platform and was a complete success.

Consequently, we will continue the SAP HANA Cloud Experience in 2022, and the first registration dates can be found here (as soon as they are available).


What exactly is the SAP HANA Cloud Experience?

The SAP HANA Cloud Experience is a one-day workshop where customers and partners gain their first experience with SAP's database technology. In addition to the theoretical content, hands-on content is also taught. Participants can implement tasks in a provided system based on a use case and access local data, data in a data lake, and data in the SAP HANA Cloud system. In addition, the participants will get an overview of the current SAP strategy and the importance of SAP HANA Cloud in it. First concepts will be explained, and the use case's architecture will be described in more detail. In addition, there will be some information about the built-in anonymization functions of the SAP HANA Cloud, which will be used practically in the next step.

The workshop will take place virtually in small groups so that everyone gets the chance to ask their questions and get the necessary support in the practical exercises. In general, an active exchange is essential for us. Especially the different perspectives and use case possibilities of the participants make the discussion exciting. The circle of participants has been very diverse in the past, with newcomers as well as HANA professionals. However, the workshop is primarily aimed at people who want to gain initial experience with SAP HANA Cloud. Prior knowledge is not necessary. But even if you already have prior knowledge of SAP HANA (on-prem), the workshop is an excellent way to better get to know SAP HANA Cloud.

Sounds exciting to you?

What are you waiting for? 2022 will be the year of cloud transformation, and New Year's resolutions will be realized!

Take the chance and register for the SAP HANA Cloud Workshops in the coming year!