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SAP HANA has well known Row and Document Stores, allowing us to store relational data in Tables and process that data using HANA's various engines including graph and spatial

SAP HANA actually offers a third store - the JSON Document Store. With the SAP HANA Cloud Document Store (DocStore)we can store JSON Documents in Collections within HANA itself, then process that data using the same SAP HANA engines

Before we begin, an important caveat:
Like the Script Server, the Document Store is an additional feature that can be enabled within SAP HANA Cloud and we should consider any resourcing requirements before enabling it. Read more here


Navigate to SAP HANA Cloud Central

When we’re ready to enable HANA Cloud DocStore, we’ll need to navigate to SAP HANA Cloud Central within BTP

From the BTP Control Center, we select our Global Account and click Open in Cockpit

From here we see our Subaccounts – we choose the Subaccount where our HANA instance resides

From our Subaccount, we click on Spaces

From the Spaces page, we select the Space that contains our HANA instance

Click on SAP HANA Cloud

Click on Actions, then Open In SAP HANA Cloud Central


Enabling SAP HANA Cloud Document Store

From within HANA Cloud Central, we can now activate the Document Store

Click on the dots, then choose Manage Configurations

Click on Edit

Go to Advanced Settings, select Document Store then click on Save


Once our HANA Cloud instance has restarted, we'll be able to use the Document Store functionality


Next Steps

Now that we've enabled HANA DocStore, what can we do next?

We can start by creating our first DocStore Collection, and getting used to how we INSERT and SELECT JSON DocumentsWe walk through that in this blog post

The DocStore Documentation is available to provide guidance here

There's also a collection of other blog posts below which may interest you. I hope this blog post has been helpful to you, and welcome any comments or questions below


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Note: While I am an employee of SAP, any views/thoughts are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer