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More and more of our customers who use SAP and Esri technology are realizing the value that HANA Cloud delivers to ArcGIS deployments.  For years, HANA on-premises offered enterprise data warehouse architects the advantage of HANA’s ability to connect to data, not collect it in an EDW.  They also realized that HANA’s extremely fast on-the-fly aggregation provides agility because preaggregation wasn’t necessary which made the need to write, test and maintain ETL obsolete.  Stakeholders could ask questions which could be answered immediately – no need to modify, test and execute ETL.  This also meant there was no need to obtain change control approval for the modified ETL which saved weeks of waiting.  The resulting EDW could be stood up quickly and provide an integrated view of the authoritative data in the enterprise – and do so in an agile way where questions could be answered quickly.

Fast forward to today where Esri has certified HANA on-premises (in 2018) and, now, HANA Cloud.  All of the above advantages can now be applied to ArcGIS deployments on HANA Cloud - these are outlined in a blog here.  Our customers can put these to work in on-premises, hybrid and cloud scenarios.  Customers with SAP ERP – whether on AnyDB or on HANA, or with SAP S/4HANA can take advantage of native HANA capability to knock down the silos between transactional and spatial data.  Through some simple configuration, queries can be issued from the ArcGIS geodatabase tenant against the SAP ERP system to retrieve transactional data on-the-fly.  Transactional master data, work order, notification data can be consumed in any ArcGIS information product.  No need for replication of transactional data from the SAP ERP system – this is a connect not collect data strategy.

Please join us for a webinar on June 23 at 11AM EDT where all of this and more will be discussed.  We will also discuss several examples where our customers are putting these advantages to work.  Click here to register.

SAP HANA Cloud as an Enterprise Geodatabase