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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With this blog series we provide an update with the latest information on getting started with SAP HANA Cloud on the SAP Cloud Platform.

  1. About SAP HANA Cloud

  2. SAP HANA Cloud Getting Started

  3. SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Business Application Studio <=

  4. HDI with SAP HANA Cloud

  5. SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office and SAP HANA Cloud

  6. Cloud Foundry Advanced (space travel, multiple instances, defining schema names)

  7. SAP HANA Cloud, JWT Provider, and Certificate Collection with Purpose JWT

  8. Data masking and data anonymization

  9. Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) and Automated Predictive Library (APL)

  10. Remote data sources and virtual tables

  11. OData with SAP HANA Cloud

  12. SAP HANA Cloud Graph

  13. Role Attributes

  14. SAP HANA Cloud and Smart Data Integration

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SAP HANA Development with SAP Business Application Studio

philip.mugglestone just added two new video tutorials to the SAP HANA Cloud series about developing SAP HANA database applications using SAP Business Application Studio for the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment..

In this post, you will find the video embedded with some additional information and resources.

What You Learn

You can watch the video tutorial in a little under 30 minutes. What you learn is

  • How to use the templates and wizards of the SAP Business Application Studio for native SAP HANA application development

  • How to create design-time artifacts and how to deploy and create database runtime objects

  • How to perform database modeling including the creation of a simple calculation view

  • how to configure access from a HDI Container to a standard schema

For an introduction to the SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI), see our previous post


For the documentation, see

For more information about SAP Business Application Studio, see

Code Samples on GitHub

As we know your time is precious, you can find the code snippet on our GitHub repository

Video Tutorials

Develop Apps

In the first tutorial we learn how to develop database applications based on HDI containers using SAP Business Application Studio. How to perform database modeling including the creation of a simple calculation view is also covered.

0:00 - Introduction and SAP Business Application Studio subscriptions

1:00 - Create Dev Space, open Workspace, and target the Cloud Foundry Org and Space

2:00 - Create Project from the SAP HANA Database Project template

3:45 - SAP Cloud Platform cockpit | Service Instances: HDI

4:40 - SAP HANA Projects with database connections to SAP HANA database explorer

5:30 - Create SAP HANA database artifact hdbtable using code sample

7:00 - Deploy artifact(s) 

8:00 - Insert data

8:15 - Create calculation view

10:15 - Deploy 

11:15 - Build and deploy MTA project

Access Schema from HDI Container

In the second tutorial we learn how to configure access from a HDI Container to a standard schema. Doing this enables visual database modeling of objects in the standard schema and is a prerequisite for access from SAP Analytics Cloud via the HANA Analytics Adapter.

0:00 - Introduction, HDI, and user-defined service

1:30 - Create technical user SAP HANA database explorer using code sample

3:30 - Create user-provided service (UPS) using code sample

5:00 - Create new SAP HANA Database project with HDI container

6:15 - Add UPS to mta.yaml

7:30 - Bind UPS to schema

8:00 - Create database artifact Grant (hdbgrants) using code sample

9:00 - Create database artifact synonym (hdbsynonym) using code sample

10:00 - Create database artifact role (hdbrole) using code sample

11:00 - Deploy

12:00 - Create calculation view

15:15 - Deploy

16:15 - Build and deploy MTA project

SAP HANA Native Application Dev Space extensions

The following extensions are included in the SAP HANA Native Application Dev Space bundle

  • SAP HANA Calculation View Editor

  • SAP HANA Database Explorer

  • SAP HANA Tools

  • MTA Tools

SAP HANA Project Template

Project from template proposes to create a new HDI service instance using the default database instance of the CF space. Assumes an SAP HANA Cloud instance is created and running.

Create SAP HANA Database Artifact

Use a wizard to create a design-time artifact (code) which will be deployed a runtime database object in the associated HDI container.

Deploy Artifact(s)

Deploy your artifacts bundled or one at a time.

Create Calculation View

Using the same wizard we can create calculation views (hdbcalculationview).

GUI Editor

For several artifacts like synonyms and roles a UI is available in addition to the code editor.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

The SAP HANA database explorer is easily accessible from the SAP Business Application Studio to view the runtime objects with data inside the HDI container.

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