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It's no secret that every organization faces challenges resulting from data complexity. I rarely encounter customers complaining of not having enough data, but instead the common pain point we hear in 2023 is the variety in both data type and source that need to be efficiently combined and acted upon. In today’s cloud database market, rife with niche solutions to solve every individual problem, organizations are looking for a future-proof data platform capable of blending and processing all types of data from any source – not only for analytical purposes, but also for operational applications that either stand alone or extend packaged applications. The lack of such a platform creates an inherent risk that data sets become siloed, thus creating unrealized potential.

SAP HANA Cloud is uniquely positioned in the market to address the complexities of a modern data landscape. It provides the ability to manage all data types while simultaneously offering integrated multi-tier data storage, multi-model processing, and embedded machine learning capabilities all in a single unified solution. Using these capabilities together, on one platform, provides developers the ideal foundation from which to build intelligent data applications – data-intensive applications that leverage the data tier to solve complex business challenges, going far beyond the dumb persistence layer treatment that databases often receive.

Intelligent data applications make use of multi-model capabilities, like graph, spatial, and document store, combined with embedded machine learning and predictive analysis based on modern data science to help businesses make quick, informed decisions. They do this not by exporting data to a specialized platform, but by using the built-in analytic and operational capabilities of the database itself. In essence, intelligent data apps are versatile tools that transform the business workflow from a series of steps informed by data to a continuous stream of smart decisions driven by data.

SAP’s commitment to continued innovation makes SAP HANA Cloud the pre-eminent foundation on which to build intelligent data applications. Along those lines, we’re excited to share three categories of recent and upcoming innovations that demonstrate this commitment.

Flexible Core to Memory Ratio:

The flexibility to configure and provision instances of SAP HANA Cloud is paramount to ensuring the data tier provides the needed technical resources for an intelligent data application while also managing TCO. In March, we released performance classes – further enhancing the granularity with which SAP HANA Cloud can be configured. This exciting feature enables customers to tailor their instance to the configuration best suited to the specific workload needs of their intelligent data applications.

Multi-model Enhancements:

Building on established analyst recognition as a multi-model data platform leader, SAP continues to enhance the multi-model capabilities that allow intelligent data applications to ingest, process and deliver value on all data, regardless of type. In Q2 2023, additional functionality enhancements to SAP HANA Cloud’s powerful spatial engine are planned – including functions to calculate discrete Frechet distance and correct invalid geometries – along with graph algorithms to support built-in community detection. In Q3 2023, planned multi-model innovations include support for graph processing on the document store and support for spatial functions in GraphScript – both providing unique combinations of multi-model engines.

Machine Learning Advancements:

Identifying patterns and trends across the entire data landscape to better predict future business outcomes is critical to solving many business challenges. SAP HANA Cloud’s expansive library of embedded machine learning algorithms arm intelligent data applications with the ability to achieve this efficiently and accurately. In Q1 2023, we released several exciting new autoML enhancements that will excite data scientists and application developers alike. To learn more watch this demo.


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