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Latest update: Oct 4, 2021 - Updated Fact Sheet


Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung - the name says it all.

The world's largest provider of enterprise application software.

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Fact and Figures

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Corporate History

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SAP Terminology and Glossary

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SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a portfolio that bundles different technology portfolios:

A portfolio bundles products and/or services. You cannot buy BTP but you can buy or try any of the parts that make up the platform from the SAP Store.

The concept of a business technology platform was introduced after the acquisition of Qualtrics, as illustrated below, where the business technology platform brings together experience data (X) and operational data (O), with intelligence inserted into the four product portfolio pillars.

From the archive: the 2019 edition of BTP

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Intelligent Enterprise

The Intelligent Enterprise is a concept and strategy.

At SAP, we are enabling our customers to become Intelligent Enterprises by integrating data and processes, building flexible value chains, innovating with industry best practices, providing our customers the ability to understand and act on their customer, partner, and employee sentiment, and how to manage their environmental impact — to grow more resilient, more profitable, and more sustainable.

Intelligent enterprises are integrated enterprises that use data to feed their intelligence.

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The Intelligent Enterprise with the Business Technology Platform and the Intelligent Suite as presented at SAPPHIRE NOW 2020 Reimagined.

The Intelligent Enterprise was initially presented as a framework with intelligent technologies bringing together technology (Digital Platform), business processes, and applications (Intelligent Suite).

2018 edition of BTP

The Digital Platform, comprised of Data Management solutions and Cloud Platform has since evolved into the Business Technology Platform with Intelligent Technologies as one of the four pillars.

SAP Leonardo (2017-2019)

SAP Leonardo was presented as a portfolio (Digital Information System) with software and services for Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and Big Data technologies. Conceptually, these technologies are now part of the Business Technology Platform. Although still present in product names and elsewhere, the SAP Leonardo brand is no longer actively used (like SAP NetWeaver).

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation is now part of SAP Data Intelligence.

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Multicloud, Hybrid Cloud, Hyperscalers, Embrace

A multicloud architecture references the use of separate and/or multiple cloud providers for infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) services to avoid becoming dependent on a single vendor. Hybrid cloud references the deployment model, mixing public, private, and on-premises,

Multicloud (at the time, multi-cloud) was introduced in 2017 when Cloud Foundry was added as application development and runtime environment to the SAP Cloud Platform adding Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (2018), Alibaba Cloud (2019), and IBM (private) Cloud (2019) as IaaS alternatives to SAP, the original exclusive infrastructure provider of the platform.

These infrastructure provides are often referenced at SAP (and elsewhere) as "hyperscalers".

After a strategic partnership with Google (2017), SAP launched the "Embrace" project at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 to promote migration to hyperscaler clouds. This was followed by an Embrace on Azure go-to-market partnership with Microsoft.

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Illustration: Multi-cloud: beyond the buzzword by ivan.mirisola


SAP HANA is an in-memory database. The official product name is SAP HANA, platform edition.

Standard edition, enterprise edition, runtime edition, and express edition are license editions (same software), see Feature Scope Description for SAP HANA.

Product information

Release information

  • First released November 2010 as appliance; in 2012 for on-premise installations (TDI)

  • As SAP HANA One available on public cloud (2012)

  • As cloud edition available as

  • Product Availability Matrix: SAP HANA 2.0 - Latest version SPS 05 (June 2020)

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The SAP HANA Era: building next-gen apps

SAP HANA, express edition

SAP HANA, express edition is a streamlined version of SAP HANA that can run on laptops and other resource-constrained hosts.

Release information

  • First released in 2016. Updates released with the platform edition.

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SAP HANA One (2012-2018)

SAP HANA One is SAP HANA hosted on public cloud (VM-based).

Release information

  • First released in 2012. No longer available.

  • SAP HANA, express edition provides a similar offer.

  • AWS Marketplace: SAP HANA One

SAP HANA Service (2018-2020)

SAP HANA Service is a VM-based managed database service (DBaaS).

Official product name is SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service.

Product information

Release information

SAP HANA Database Management Suite (2018-2019)

The SAP HANA Database Management Suite was a portfolio of data management products including SAP HANA, SAP Data Hub, SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, and Big Data Services.

Similar capabilities are now offered by SAP Data Intelligence.

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SAP HANA Cloud is a container-based managed database service (DBaaS).

Product information

Release information

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SAP HANA Cloud Services (2019-2020)

SAP HANA Cloud Services was introduced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 as a portfolio brand containing three cloud services on the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is a private cloud service for hosting SAP (HANA) applications: Infrastructure + Managed Services + Subscriptions or BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-License).

Product information

Release information

  • First released 2013


SAP HANA Live, prior knowns as SAP HANA Analytics Foundation (SHAF), provides virtual data models (VDM) for operational real-time reporting on SAP HANA using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and other BI tools. Also marketed as SAP Fiori Analytical Applications and SAP Smart Business.

Product information

Release information

  • First released 2013

  • Technically, HANA-based Analytics (HBA) used SAP HANA XS classic model, deprecated with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02 (2018) but with continued support for this release.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a managed service for analytics (SaaS).

Product information

Release information

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SAP Analytics Hub

SAP Analytics Hub is a catalog that allows users to browse any analytical assets made available through the enterprise (on premise, cloud, or within a non-SAP analytics tool).

Product information

Release information

  • First released in 2017, licensed separately from SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a managed data warehouse service (SaaS) that extends the SAP HANA Data Warehouse and SAP BW/4HANA on-premise solutions.

Product information

Release information

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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is SAP's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with the platform services hosted from four environments:

  • ABAP

  • Cloud Foundry

  • Kyma (Kubernetes)

  • Neo

in 2021, SAP stopped using SAP Cloud  Platform as platform brand to avoid confusion with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

For an overview of the major changes to the names of SAP Cloud Platform offerings, see

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The SAP Business Technology Platform bundles a number of PaaS application runtimes (environments) and services. For an overview of the services, see the SAP Discovery Center.

For an explanation of the different environments, see


The Neo environment is a proprietary PaaS hosted from SAP datacenters and evolved to the initial SAP NetWeaver Cloud and later SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This environment targets HTML5, Java, and SAP HANA XS applications.

As of 2020 the Neo environment is no longer available for new customers.

Cloud Foundry Environment

The Cloud Foundry environment is based on the open-source application platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. It was added to the SAP Cloud Platform in 2017 (GA).

ABAP Environment

The ABAP environment allows you to create extensions for ABAP-based products, such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and develop new cloud applications. You can transform existing ABAP-based custom code or extensions to the cloud. It was added to the SAP Cloud Platform in 2019 (GA).

The ABAP environment is based on the latest ABAP platform cloud release that is also used for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

SAP Data Intelligence (SAP Data Hub)

SAP Data Intelligence is a container-based data management solution. It is available for on-premise installation and as service (SaaS).

The product started as Data Hub. As cloud offering it was branded as Data Intelligence. In version 3.0, product and service continued as Data Intelligence.

Product information

Release information

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SAP Business Application Studio

SAP Business Application Studio is a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) provided as SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry service.

Product information

Release information

  • First released October 2019 (beta); GA February 2020.

  • Next generation of SAP Web IDE

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SAP Web IDE is a browser-based IDE provided as SAP Cloud Platform Neo service for full-stack SAP application development. The edition for SAP HANA is restricted and focussed on the development of SAP HANA-based applications.

Product information

Release information

  • First released in 2014 as SAP River Rapid Development Environment (RDE), renamed to SAP Web IDE later that year.

  • Related: SAP Business Application Studio

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Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, also Advanced Business Application Programming. ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP for the development of business applications in the SAP environment (as defined in the documentation).

Three programming models have evolved:

  • Classic ABAP

  • ABAP programming model for SAP Fiori

  • RESTful ABAP Programming Model (RAP)

Product information

Release information

  • First released 1983

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ABAP Platform

The ABAP platform is the integration and development platform for ABAP-based SAP solutions exclusive to SAP HANA. Unlike SAP NetWeaver, it not available as separate product.

Product information

Release information

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SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) is the integration and development platform for SAP applications.

SAP Business Suite applications, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW), Portal, and Process Integration and Orchestration (PI/PO) are components of the SAP NetWeaver platform.

BASIS is the original kernel of SAP R/3. WebAS web-enabled the platform. NetWeaver added Portal,  business intelligence and warehouse, process integration, development tools, etc.

in 2015, SAP stopped using NetWeaver as platform brand to avoid confusion with the SAP HANA platform. The ABAP stack of the NetWeaver platform is now called the ABAP Platform.

Product information

Release information

  • Product Availability Matrix: SAP NetWeaver 7.5 - RTC 2015

  • Previous version(s): NetWeaver 7.4, 7.0, 2004, WebAS.

  • First released 2004 (originally developed by TopTier, acquired by SAP in 2001)

  • Related: ABAP Platform

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SAP S/4HANA (Cloud) | ERP

SAP S/4HANA (SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA) is an enterprise management solution. Successor of SAP R/3, ERP, ECC, specific to SAP HANA.

The codeline for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, product and service, are the same. Depending on the degree of standardisation or flexibility desired/required, there are four approaches (deployment options / consumption models) ranging from standard software-as-a-service (SaaS) to traditional on-premise datacenter installation.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition (ES) - multi-tenant, hence highly standardised

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition (EX) - single tenant, thus more flexible

  • SAP S/4HANA AnyPremise (on-premises)

    • SAP-managed private cloud (see HEC)

    • Private cloud managed by third-party cloud service provider

    • Corporate datacenter

Product information

Release information

  • First released 2015

  • Predecessors: SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP ERP 6.0, SAP ECC 5.0, SAP R/3

  • For on-premises, see the Product Availability Matrix: SAP S/4HANA 1909 - RTC 2019

  • For SAP S/4HANA Cloud, see the What's New viewer. A new release is planned for each quarter. For this year: 20-02, 20-05, 20-08, and 20-11.

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SAP BW/4HANA is a business warehouse (BW) solution specific to SAP HANA.

Product information

Release information

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SAP Customer Experience | CRM

SAP Customer Experience (CX) brings together customer data, experiential and operational data, and the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce, and service to deliver engaging and trusted experiences.

Product information

Release information

  • The portfolio suite was initially launched in 2018 as SAP C/4HANA.

  • Commerce, Marketing, and Service Cloud evolved from Hybris solutions.

  • Sales Cloud evolved from Callidus Cloud, Hybris solutions, and SAP Revenue Cloud.

  • Customer Data Cloud evolved from Gigya solutions.

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SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba provides procurement and supply chain collaboration solutions. They are listed together with SAP Fieldglass and SAP Concur as Network and Spend Management. Ariba solutions are

Ariba was founded in 1996 and acquired by SAP in 2012.

Company information

Product information

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SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass is a vendor management solution (VMS) that simplifies the process of procuring, managing, and optimizing flexible workforces.

SuccessFactors was founded in 1999 as B2B People and acquired by SAP in 2014.

The Fieldglass portfolio includes the services

Company information

Product information

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SAP SuccessFactors

The SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is an evolved, cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS) with a focus on engagement and experiences.

SuccessFactors was founded in 2001 and acquired by SAP in 2012. At the time, the products were marketed as the Business Execution (BIX) suite, under SAP this became the Human Capital Management (HCM) suite and more recently, after the acquisition of Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) suite in 2018, the Human Experience Management (HXM) suite.

The HXM suite comprises the following categories and products

Company information

Product information

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SAPPHIRE NOW is SAP's annual business conference for customers and partners usually held in Orlando Florida. In 2019, 30,000 attendees from over 100 countries participated to hear about the latest innovations and to network with peers, joined by many more online. In 2020, the event was reimagined with an exclusive digital program.

The name goes back to the early days: SAP’s Perennial Highly Integrated R/2-R/3 Exchange (1989).

For the developers and technical consultants, the annual event is SAP TechEd.

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SAP TechEd

SAP TechEd is SAP's annual technology education conference for customers and partners held in three locations in the fall for 3-4 days. In 2019 it was held in Las Vegas (US), Spain, and Bangalore (India) .

In 2020, the event was virtual and free.

The SAP Technical Developers Conference was first held in 1996 in Orlando, Florida during SAPPHIRENOW.

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