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It's never been a better time to understand how SAP HANA's Advanced Analytics capabilities can help you run better, realize your potential to embrace the digital enterprise, and drive more business value in today's highly competitive marketplace.

In SAP HANA, the concept of Advanced Analytics means SAP is allowing and enabling customers to do more advanced processing and analytics within the platform itself, reducing your TCO and increasing your ROI.  This is not your traditional business intelligence either. Let's first review what those six (6) core advanced capabilities are, and then discuss actual use cases in production that are returning tremendous, quantified business value.

  1. SAP HANA Spatial Analytics allows processing of geospatial (geographical, or sometimes referred to as location-based data) data while combining it with business data (such as customer profiles, retail sales results, etc.) to answer the "WHERE" and sometimes "WHEN" questions that are critical to respond to.

  2. SAP HANA Predictive Analytics allows customers to leverage pre-built algorithms that help them really "see" their data in a new way.  Patterns that exist, correlations that arise, influencers that inform, and processes that could be better optimized---these are all outcomes every customer strives for, but they're ALL HIDDEN from native view.

  3. SAP HANA Text & Search allows customers to conduct full-text search, navigation, and access to structured and unstructured information across multiple systems.  How many of you have data locked away in documents, external data systems, email, etc.?  We all know how important search engines were to the millions of disconnected Internet web pages in the 1990's; well, SAP HANA Text & Search serves that same critical function for your typically disconnected and buried enterprise data.

  4. SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and Streaming allows customers to extract and integrate real-time data sources in to SAP HANA for further processing.  As more and more customers look to embrace and add value in digital transformation, real-time access to data for IoT (Internet of Things), predictive maintenance, real-time customer offers, mobile marketing, and more have necessitated a need for enhanced data streaming and native integration to these sources of important data.

  5. SAP HANA Graph is a newer (to be introduced for customer use in HANA SPS12) processing engine within the platform which quickly allows large data sets to be traversed with immediate discovery of meaningful patterns, relationships, and interconnections that can be explored in highly visual graphs that tell a story and intuitively locate hidden answers.

  6. SAP HANA Series is a capability that allows customers to store and process small increment but large volume data needs with time-stamped information such as utility meter readings, manufacturing equipment sensors, and more.

I should mention that all of these core six (6) advanced analytics capabilites are delivered with all full use versions of SAP HANA.  That's right--included, designed to work together, and architected to quickly get answers to solve real problems.  Let's briefly look at some of those problems in the form of use cases that our customers are leveraging today.

  • Alliander, an energy utility company based in the Netherlands, uses SAP HANA to combine over 7M geometric data points with business data and SAP HANA Spatial Analytics to be proactive with utility pipeline integrity and management projects.  Downtime = down revenue.
    Alliander's results => Spatial processing from what was 3.5 hours each day to 3.5 seconds with SAP HANA and access to real-time location-based incident reporting via mobile devices in the field

  • Covenant Transportation Group, based in the United States, provides trucking and hazmat transport, equipment brokerage, and lending services.  Using SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics, Covenant is reducing driver turnover and providing a safer workforce by implementing models that prevent costly maintenance breakdowns and ensure over-the-road-safety.
    Covenant's results => 15% reduction in driver turnover in the first year and recouped its investment in less than six months

  • Mantis Technology Group (now acquired by ProKarma), an Internet services company based in the United States, provides scalable web solutions to allow their customers to mine through vast amounts of social and demographic data, in the neighborhood of more than 1M documents daily.  Using SAP HANA and SAP HANA Text & Search, their customers are able to put their worries aside when it comes to data integration and mining of important information that is required to make important business decisions.  Time = money.
    Mantis' results => 6x faster text analysis processing and and reduced their TCO by moving from 23 file servers to 1 SAP HANA server


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