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In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA 2.0 Support Package Stack (SPS) 02.

The topic of this blog is Installation and Update (Platform Lifecycle Management).

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Tutorial Video


What's New?

High Availability Support for XS Advanced Installation

XSA integrates with the standard failover procedures of SAP HANA (xs_standby role). For XSA apps to continue to be served on the same URL after failover, a failover router (reverse proxy) needs to be setup. Doing so will impact the installation of XSA components as the installer (hdblcm) can no longer establish a connection to the default domain.

A workaround would be to temporarily map the default domain back to the XSA web dispatcher but this may not always be possible.

As of SPS 02, three new parameters can now be passed to hdblcm to specify the path to the certificate and key file of the default domain, and the path to an additional trust certificate for the reverse proxy: xs_cert_pem, xs_cert_key, and xs_trust_pem respectively.

How to do this is documented in


Updating SAP HANA AFL Components (Changed)

Application functions are similar in concept to database procedures but then written in C++, not SQLScript, and called from outside the database. They are bundled in AFL's, application function libraries.

AFL components are not included with a standard SAP HANA delivery but come as an archive (SAR file) and require separate installation. A typical installation of an AFL component requires a restart of the database and hence downtime.

Starting with SPS 02, a new flag is introduced in the manifest file:

online-upgrade-plugin: 1

If this flag is present, no database restart is performed (online upgrade).

Note 2198403 - AFL and corresponding components list all the available AFL components:

  • APL (Automated Prediction Library)

  • BFL (Business Function Library)

  • DQ  (SAP HANA Data Quality Library)

  • EML (External Machine Learning Library)

  • GEN (SAP HANA AFL Shipment and general AFL topics)

  • PAL (SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library)

  • POS (SAP HANA On-Shelf Availability)

  • SAL (SAP HANA Self Service Analytics Library) or UAL (Universal Analytics Library)

  • SCA (SAP HANA Supply Chain Algorithm Library)

  • SOP (SAP HANA Sales & Operations Planning)

  • RME (Response Management Engine)

  • TEC (SAP HANA AFL Technology and SDK)

  • TRP (Transportation Resource Planning)

  • UDF (SAP HANA Unified Demand Forecast)

The first AFL's that support online upgrades will become available shortly.



On the SAP HANA Academy, there is a full playlist covering all aspects of installation and update



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