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last updated: 2024-02-06

The article explains the SAP GUI – TCODE (Transaction Code): ST12 usage in details.


Transaction Code ST12 developed to overview and analyze a single transaction.

ST12 – Single Transaction Analysis

Screen: Single transaction analysis
Initial screen where trace can be recorded, based on the measurements. Also the analyzation steps can be done from here.
During analyzation the following values are necessary (to identify the proper trace entry):

  • Comment
  • User
  • Date

Click on the 'Full screen' button and open the overview screen of all the traces collected.

Screen: Trace analyses fullscreen list
Overview screen of all the traces collected. The proper one can be selected from the list.

Click on 'ABAP trace' button to move SE30.
Click on 'SQL trace summary' button to move ST05.

Screen: SQL Summary (ST05)
Detailed information about the SQL commands.

Click on 'Explain' button to move Display Execution Plan for SQL Statement screen.

Screen: Trace analysis (SE30) - ABAP Trace Per Call
Detailed information about the ABAP trace. In the below example the execution takes long time because of the database part. Header chart shows information about this, also the 'Net' and 'Gross in %' columns shows the same conclusion.

Further information available, click on 'DB' link.

Screen: SQL Summary for Code location

Screen: SQL Summary - Statement details

Investigate further: ST04 - - > Performance - - > SQL Plan Cache menu and find the SQL statement hash based on the SQL statement string.

Screen: Display Execution Plan for SQL Statement

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