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last updated: 2024-02-06

The article explains the SAP GUI – TCODE (Transaction Code): ST11 usage in details.


Transaction Code ST11 is the menu of the log files. Another expression of these files is the developer trace (dev trace) files.

ST11 - Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> Traces -> Developer Traces

Screen: Error Log Files
There is a list which contains several log files belongs to the system.
Some documentations:


  • dev_w... - this is the work process trace file
  • dev_w... (.old) - this is the work process trace file (archive)
  • sapstart (.trc)
  • stderr
  • etc.

To open the content you need to select the file and click Display (F2) or double click on the file.

Screen: Trace Data
The trace file which belongs to the syslog message.

Based on ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ information the error can be identified.

To export the content use menu: System -> List -> Save -> Save or Local File.

  • 1896868 – How to save a short dump in text format

Remark: In most cases, the development trace contains all the information needed to address the issue. No further steps are required. In some cases, a deeper analysis is required and additional steps may be required; for example, when the development trace shows a database-related error message, it may be useful to check the problem from the database perspective.

✍️ Where can I find knowledge and information belongs to SAP HANA? ➡️ Full System Info Dump (FSID)

Which SAP Knowledge Base Article belongs to the topic?

  • 2194685 – How to find work process trace for SM21 System Log or ST22 dump
  • 2399990 – How-To: Analyzing ABAP Short Dumps in SAP HANA Environments
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