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last updated: 2024-02-24

The article explains the SAP GUI - TCODE (Transaction Code): SM37 usage in details.


Transaction Code SM37 developed to overview the scheduled background jobs.

Video explanation by Tutorialspoint
SAP Basis - Job Monitoring

SM37 - CCMS -> Background Processing -> Jobs - Overview and Administration

Screen: Simple Job Selection
Initial screen where the required filters can be selected based on the actual need.

  • Job Name - specific job name or job name with * character (e.g. JOB001 or JOB*)
  • User Name - specific user name or user name with * character (e.g. USER001 or USER*)
  • Job Status - based on the requirement, can be all status or only the specific one
  • Job Start Condition - date and time condition

Screen: Job Overview
Job Overview screen shows the result of the filtered criteria. The screen shows the actual values of the filters. The result is colored so it is easy to check. Most important columns are 'Status' and 'Duration' which can give high level information if there is an issue.

Further information is available:

  • Job log
  • Job details

An example of other filter criteria, where only the 'Canceled' status is required.

Screen: Display Job ...
Job informations like Job Name, Status, Job Frequency.

Screen: Job Log Entries for ...
Log information belongs to the selected item. In case the execution is canceled there can be useful information to investigate why it was canceled.

When the job is canceled due to a runtime error, it can can be checked with transaction ST22 to find more about the error based on the available 'Date' and 'Time' information.

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