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How SAP Graph is leveraging open source projects Gardener and Kyma to excel in the Cloud Native World 

 “Overwhelming” is probably the first word which comes to mind when looking at all the available cloud native technologies and the huge amount of open source projects in this area. Check out the CNCF landscape to know what I am talking about. With Kubernetes leading the way, no one can avoid technologies like ISTIO or Prometheus anymoreSelecting the right technology is not enough. Tadopt them with confidence, they must also be mastered. SAP Graph, the API to access data of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise, is utilizing two SAP-initiated open source cloud projects: Gardener and Kyma helping us in our journey through the cloud native jungle. 

SAP Graph needs to have global accessibility and availability to maximize its potentialTherefore, it needs to be flexible enough to be deployed in different data centers in different regions and be available on different cloud providers. SAP Graph is running on Kubernetes and thus, needs a way to set up and manage clusters at scale on multiple cloud and IaaS providers. The platform is using Gardener for exactly these reasons. Gardener allows to abstract the cloud provider specifics and helps to manage all the deployments in one console. 

The core functionality of SAP Graph is to deal with inbound, outbound and inter-component traffic. As suchit is running all its components in a service mesh to control, secure and monitor activities. Setting up a service mesh plus all adjacent technologies for monitoring poses many challenges. Fortunately, Kyma comes with a decent software stack to run a properly configured, monitored and secured Kubernetes cluster. Kyma is relying on ISTIO as service mesh technology and ensures that all other supported open source components run well together. All the pieces of Kyma can be put together to get a complete run-time for applications like the extensions of enterprise applications. 

Thus, SAP Graph through Gardener and Kyma is leveraging the full potential of cloud native technologiesin order to make SAP data accessible and available for you. 


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