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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

philip.mugglestone from the SAP HANA Academy just released a new series of hands-on tutorial videos introducing SAP Graph.

In this blog post we will introduce you to the video tutorial series with references and some additional information.

In subsequent articles, we cover the activities of the different personas

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Hands-On Video Tutorials

In this article, you will find the videos embedded with some additional information and resources.

Following along in the patented zero-to-hero format, you will be ready to start developing business applications using SAP Graph with minimal effort and no time wasted.

What You Will Learn

You can watch the 18 video tutorials in 3 hours and a bit covering initial setup and configuration, working with SAP Graph and the graphctl CLI, and developing applications using SAP Business Application Studio and the SAP HANA Academy app generators.

What you will learn is

  • What is SAP Graph and where to find more information

SAP BTP Administrator

  • How to create and configure SAP Graph service instance(s)

  • How to work with SAP API Business Hub sandbox environments

  • How to configure access to SAP SuccessFactors

  • How to configure access to SAP Sales Cloud

  • How to configure access to SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • How to configure access using different SAP BTP subaccounts

  • How to use the BTP CLI

  • How to configure access to custom data sources: SAP HANA Cloud and the ubiquitous Northwind OData service

For the article, see

SAP Graph Key User

  • How to generate a business data graph configuration using the graphctl CLI

  • How to explore business data graphs using the Postman REST client

For the article, see

Application Developer

  • How to configure the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry development environment

  • How to generate a configure MTA applications with SAP Graph

  • How to generate and configure CAP applications with SAP Graph

  • How to configure a local development environment

  • How to deploy a Node.js SAP Graph web app to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry

  • How to deploy a Node.js SAP Graph web app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk (as example of third-party, non-SAP, cloud hosting environment)

  • How to build and deploy an extension app to the Kyma environment

For the article, see

Sample Code on GitHub

As we know your time is precious, this will be a low-code affair as we will be using Yeoman to provide the scaffolding for our app supplemented with sample code from SAP HANA Academy GitHub repository:

YouTube Playlist

To bookmark or directly access the full playlist, go to


Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, Philip Mugglestone provides an introduction to SAP Graph. He shows how to find key information including the landing page, the SAP Graph Navigator, SAP Discovery Center, SAP Help, SAP API Business Hub and relevant SAP community resources. Topics that are covered in this series are previewed.


0:00 - Introduction

0:35 - SAP Graph

1:04 - SAP Graph Navigator

3:08 - Documentation

4:17 - Tutorials

4:33 - SAP Graph Syntax

5:07 - SAP Community SAP Graph topic area

5:46 - SAP Discovery Center

6:29 - About the video tutorials


For the SAP Graph Navigator, visit

For the documentation on the SAP Help Portal, see

For the SAP Graph topic area on the SAP Community, visit

For information about service plans and regions, visit the SAP Discovery Center

Learn More

SAP Community

To stay up to date, visit the topic area on the SAP Community. Follow the tag for notifications.

For the self-service tutorial series, see

For the technical articles about SAP BTP, see

SAP Help Portal

For the documentation on the SAP Help Portal, see

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