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More than just making a bad Huey Lewis and the News reference, it truly did feel as though, even on this final day, SAP Gateway and API Management was finding itself popping up all over TechEd && D-Code. Not letting things cool down for a minute, SAP's Chief Product Manager Joav Bally took to the Center Stage (somewhat literally), speaking with Ed Anuff, VP, Product Strategy for Apigee, about the challenges and opportunities of participating in the API economy. These two very smart guys dish out their perspectives and a lot of quality information in a remarkably relaxed manner considering the weight of the subject. As Ed states in the interview, digital transformation for business is not a "want to", but a "need to" do item today. You can view their conversation here. Or click on the pic.

Not to seem as though it was all relaxing and chatting though, Joav Bally also presented the second session of his INT204 lecture on cutting-edge SAP API Management leveraging REST, as well as hosting the second INT262 hands-on session, ODATA in SAP HANA Cloud Integration, with Mustafa Saglam  both highlighted in Monika's Day 2 Blog.

Everyone was quite busy, keeping up the momentum of the previous days, with more interviews with SAP Partners; Himanshu Pande spoke with Manish from Prospance about their experience using SAP Gateway to power their Device Agnostic Mobile Solution, and Ning-Jing Gao spoke with Sanjay, CEO of Quantilus about their experience using SAP Gateway and API Management to power their Augmented Reality demos.

After the Interview, Ning-Jing Gao spent some time with the developers from Quantilus who created the awesome Google Glass and Visual Showroom apps, being demo'd at the Info Zone. You can see more about these demos here.

In keeping with the energy described in my blog about Day 1, hardly a seat was left unfilled at the second Hands-On session DEV360 Advanced ODATA Service Development with SAP Gateway presented by Himanshu Pande and Mustafa Saglam. Barjinder of Prospance also presented an insight into their experience with SAP Gateway in their customer projects (including their mobile solution for eBay).

With all the non-stop go, go, go, it's no wonder that it seems like the choice is either line up for good coffee at the Fiori Cafe, or take a snooze!

But there's no time for the SAP colleagues to snooze, with attendees visiting the Info Zone pod right up until closing time for the show floor. Truly, here, there and everywhere.

And with that segue it's time for the concert that I mentioned at the start. You may remember them from Back to the Future, for their song "The Power of Love". Their songs have been a huge influence on the 80s and 90s, and now they are playing in Vegas! My only regret is that they did not invite them to play in 2015 (that's for you BTTF fans out there!). But a rocking good time either way!

With that, it is a wrap on TechEd && d-code for 2014, hope that everyone here had a great time, and if you missed it, try to make it out next year! Don't forget, to see more of the exciting action at TechEd, many more pictures are available in the SAP TechEd Facebook Album.

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