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SAP Focused Run is the ultimate solution for high volume monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and analytics. It is a powerful tool for Operations of hybrid SAP solution landscapes (see blog post SAP Focused Run – Introduction for a complete overview). This blog post explains the release strategy of SAP Focused Run and provides an update of the new functionalities with Release 4.0 SP00.

Release Strategy

To begin with General Release Strategy information, SAP designs its release and maintenance strategy to (see😞

  • Support the planning of SAP® software implementations and upgrades

  • Provide insight into strategy for software products and cloud offerings

  • Describe how we make our standard software and cloud services available

  • Show which maintenance strategy rules apply to which software products

  • Describe the length and conditions of maintenance for SAP software releases

  • Explain how various software product versions integrate with each other

SAP Focused Run has a three-year release cycle and delivers two Feature Packs per year (SAP Focused Run 4.0 FP01 release in Q2 2023)

FRUN 4.0 SP00


SAP Focused Run 4.0 SP00 has been released in November 2022 and provides many new features in different use cases such as:

  • Integration & User Monitoring

  • Application & System Monitoring

  • Alert & Notification Management

  • Analytics & Intelligence

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Operations Automation

  • Maintenance & Service

  • Service Level Management

SAP Focused Run meets the highest security standards and was evaluated in an independent penetration test by an external company. Find the official Letter of Engagement here.

SAP Focused Run - Functional Roadmap


Detailed descriptions for each new functionality is documented in the delta presentation on the SAP Focused Run product webpage. There is also a link on the landing page to the recording from the product team demoing the newest innovation. For those who want to try it on their own, there is an internet demo systemavailable for demo purposes.

The SAP Focused Run Roadmap provides detailed information of the previous, current, and upcoming releases.

Available Content

The newly updated SAP Focused Run Overview Presentation includes a Content Roadmap slide that shows all the current available content with FRUN 4.0 SP00. This can always be looked up in detail on the SAP Focused Run Expert Portal which provides information around content, setup, supported products, release notes, etc. for each use case of SAP Focused Run.


SAP Focused Run is a powerful and innovative operations solutions for hybrid landscapes. Continuous delivery of new innovation based on customer feedback with a three-year release cycle with a delivery of two units per year.

What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

Interested to read more about this topic and learn about the use cases in SAP Focused Run? Follow #SAP Focused Run - there will be more article soon.

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