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The ultimate solution for high volume monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and analytics


Operations of a hybrid landscape has a high priority in many IT departments. System monitoring can be a very challenging task without the right solution. Using multiple tools or checking each system/solution individually can be extremely time consuming, might require additional maintenance, and doesn’t provide full transparency and a clear picture of the entire landscape. Another challenge, especially for fast growing companies, is finding a monitoring solution that can scale growth, handles new platforms and cloud requirements. Getting wrong alerts/information can be very frustrating (in particular, waking up your team with false alerts). Also, if the alert might not be wrong, but lack of information or the wrong context can take up time to find the root cause and solve the error. A good monitoring system obviously catches all interruption in the landscape, like a worst-case scenario such as a system downtime. But those alerts are reactive, the effected system does not operate at this point and will most likely have a negative financial impact on the organization.

This blog post is an introduction to SAP Focused Run, a technical monitoring tool that addresses these operations challenges. It is high level read that cover for the product capability, differentiators, and for those how would like to know more about it where to find training material like public demo system and videos.



SAP Focused Run is designed for businesses that need high-volume system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics. It's a powerful solution for service providers who want to host their customers in one central, scalable, safe, and automated environment. It addresses customers with advanced needs in system management, user and integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics.

But there are different approaches to Application Lifecyle Management and operations. To satisfy the different customer expectations, SAP provides multiple ALM offerings:

  • SAP Solution Manager

  • SAP Focused Run

  • SAP Cloud ALM


How is SAP Focused different from SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM?

Different strategic platforms for different target groups


In a nutshell SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM are fully integrated Application Lifecycle Management suits that cover the implementation as well as operations part of the ALM lifecycle. SAP Focused Run on the other hand is a powerful separate solution for technical monitoring of hybrid landscapes.


Why SAP Focused Run?

SAP Focused Run uses the full power of SAP HANA as a platform, including streaming, replication, scale-out, predictive analytics, and compression, so you can support thousands of systems in high-volume monitoring use cases.


Product Capabilities

SAP Focused Run is a central operation platform that provides multiple use cases to monitor hybrid landscapes that provides transparency, automation, and helps to reduce manual operations effort.

SAP Focused Run - Scope in detail


  • Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM): Monitoring of high volumes of single interface calls (peer-to-peer integration) or simple message flows (orchestrated integration)

  • Advanced User Monitoring (AUM): Monitoring of real user requests as well as synthetic user requests, cross-system and cross-technology

  • Advanced Application Management (AAM): This set of applications can be used to manage systems and cloud services in a unified way. Health Monitoring is lowering the barrier to monitor cloud or on-prem based applications by using an unmodeled approach in combination with adding context information

  • Advanced Configuration Monitoring (ACM): Efficient management of configuration items, cross-system and cross-technology

  • Advanced System Management (ASM): Effective and efficient management of huge numbers of systems, databases, and hosts with minimal operations costs

  • Advanced Event and Alert Management (AEM): Enhanced management capabilities for events and alerts based on monitoring use cases such as: Advanced User Monitoring, Advanced System Monitoring, and/or Advanced Integration Monitoring

  • Advanced Analytics & Intelligence (AAI): Built-in advanced personalized dashboard functionality as well as usage of artificial intelligence for features like Metric Forecasting and System Anomaly Analysis

  • Advanced Root Cause Analysis (ARA):  Guided System Analysis features combined with detailed Trace Analysis for component specific traces across different systems and technologies


How to learn more about SAP Focused Run and try it yourself?

There is a public demo system available which is a great way to gain hands-on experience and get a better look of all use cases. For beginners or someone new to this topic, there are recorded training videos in the ALM Media Center available to learn how to navigate through each use case.


How to get SAP Focused Run?

SAP offers personalized demo sessions to get a better understanding of the solution and address your operations challenges.  Contact SAP and schedule free workshops with an SAP Focused Run Expert

  • Step 1: SAP Focused Run introduction workshop gives an overview of the product's scope, features and architecture.

  • Step 2: The SAP Focused Run positioning workshop where we go deeper into the architecture, present all use cases in detail, and scope it for your concrete situation.

  • Step 3: Get a SAP Focused Run project proposal containing hardware sizing, license cost calculation and service day.

  • Step 4: Contact your SAP sales representative to send a quote based on your specific SAP licensing conditions to get SAP Focused Run.



SAP Focused Run is a powerful solution for customers & partners to operate their solution centralized and highly automated with minimal TCO impact. It addresses advanced customer needs in scalability, data volumes, security, automation, openness, dashboarding & artificial intelligence. SAP Focused Run uses the power of SAP HANA as a platform, including replication, partitioning, predictive analytics, and compression. The solution offers machine learning and automated correlation based on the collected monitoring & alerting data (AIOPs).


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What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

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