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SAP Focused Run is an operations platform which supports the complete detect-to-correct process. It comes out- of-the-box with rich content for monitoring, alerting, root cause analysis, analytics, health checks and corrective actions. Focused Run covers on-premise as well as SaaS and/or PaaS applications. It is the perfect fit to operate today’s SAP-centric hybrid solution landscapes.

It consists of multiple use cases to manage operations in hybrid landscapes – for a more details check out the Blog Post SAP Focused Run - Introduction

This blog post is an overview of the use case Health Monitoring in SAP Focused Run and explains:

  • Overview

  • Application purpose

  • Usage and features.

  • Benefits and Key Summary


The Health Monitoring app in SAP Focused Run supports Application & System Monitoring, by providing additional monitoring metrics that go beyond standard system monitoring. Use Health Monitoring when configuration differs vastly between managed objects. In addition, Health Monitoring is used to provide low-barrier monitoring for managed objects that are not included in the landscape management database (LMDB).

Health Monitoring provides the following types of metrics for monitoring managed objects:

  • Availability Monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS URLs, RFC destinations, TCP ports and hosts)

  • OS Monitoring (Windows services, OS processes, OS scripts)

  • Cloud Services (e.g. SAP HANA Cloud, SAP BTP Neo runtime, SAP S/4HANA Cloud)


Health Monitoring - Overview


Health Monitoring - URL Availability


Application Purpose

Health Monitoring provides monitoring, alerting, and analytics capabilities.


When it gets the monitoring of health monitoring, the purpose of this use case is for the end user to be able to answer questions like:

  • Are all my components available?

  • What is the current health of my cloud services?

  • Were any issues detected and if so, how many?

The end user will get those answers or results in a meaningful, structured, as well as intuitive way as we can see already on the dashboard concept on the screen shots here.

Health Monitoring - Cloud Services


Health Monitoring - Availability Monitoring



The Analytics part of Health Monitoring will address questions such as:

  • When was an error status reported by a service component?

  • Are there any trends in resource usage?

The user interface on these screens provides important and comprehensive insights in a simply & informative structure.

Health Monitoring - Analytics



Health Monitoring provides similar to the other use cases Alerting functionalities to report and notify any issues detected in that space.

  • It gives you the option to define custom thresholds of the alerts

  • To create alerts for yellow or red metrics

  • And also to send emails or trigger an external alert reaction based on critical events

Individual metrics can be simply turned on and off via toggles. The alert details provides important alert information around priority, status, ratings, timeline, etc.

Health Monitoring - Alerting Details


Health Monitoring - Alert Configuration


Usage and Features

Health Monitoring provides the following types of metrics for monitoring managed objects:

Availability checks

Health Monitoring provides the following availability checks to monitor the availability of network services:

  • HTTP Availability

  • RFC Availability

  • TCP Availability

The availability checks are regularly executed by the simple diagnostic agents.

It is possible to configure multiple simple diagnostic agents as a collection group. This allows a load distribution and failover for agents.

OS Monitoring

Health Monitoring provides the following
OS monitoring capabilities:

  • Check if a specific OS process is running

  • Check if a specific Windows service is running

  • Execute custom OS scripts and check their result

These checks are performed by the simple diagnostic agent which is installed locally on the host.


Cloud Service Monitoring

Health Monitoring provides monitoring for the following cloud services*

  • SAP BTP, ABAP environment

  • SAP BTP, Neo environment

  • SAP HANA Cloud

  • SAP Integration Suite – API Management

  • SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • SAP Marketing Cloud

Please check the page to see the latest list of supported products.


Health Monitoring provides generic monitoring of services and systems complementary to System Monitoring.

Health Monitoring is used to provide low-barrier monitoring for managed objects that are not included in the landscape management database (LMDB).

Provides monitoring capabilities for various technologies and services:

  • Availability Monitoring

  • OS Monitoring

  • Cloud Services

Health Monitoring comes with alerting and embedded analytics.


For more information about SAP Focused Run - Health Monitoring, please check out the SAP Focused Run Expert Portal section Health Monitoring


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What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

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