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Integration monitoring can be a complex topic. Combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view becomes significant in a variety of situations. It can be challenging when it gets to integrating different platforms, like on-prem with cloud. Process integration has a high priority for many organizations to make sure their business runs smooth without any interruptions. It is very important to maintain high availability of all the systems involved for uninterrupted data exchange across the landscape.

Typical integration scenarios involve many systems, different components, and data types. This could make it complicated to monitor and track any data exchange, to get full transparency, and to manage the entire scenario.

This article provides an overview how the use case Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM) in SAP Focused Run supports communication between on-premise and cloud components as well as orchestrated and point-to-point communication.


Integration and Cloud Monitoring in SAP Focused Run provides monitoring of data exchange between different systems within a system landscape or between systems within the landscape and external components (e.g. public cloud services).

Integration Monitoring Features in SAP Focused Run

  • Monitoring: Get a detailed status overview per business system on the incoming/outgoing messages for different interfaces. Drilldown to single messages to check individual issues and message details

  • Analytics: Get an overview on historical data for the different integration types to identify trends and compare different time periods.

  • Alerting: Get an overview on scenario related alerts. Use forward navigation to analyze the alerts in the Alert Inbox

  • Tracking: Search and track single messages based on specific business context attributes like Order Number.

How does it work in SAP Focused Run?

Data is collected on managed system side (e.g. for IDocs and PI Messages) and transferred to the SAP Focused Run system or is directly pulled from APIs exposed by the public cloud services into the SAP Focused Run system. Please also check the latest video about Advanced Integration Monitoring in SAP Focused Run.


Integration and Cloud Monitoring - Overview


In the Advanced Integration Monitoring application, you find the following monitoring areas:

  • Process Integration Monitor: Monitoring for PI messages and integration channels in SAP PO domains

Process Integration Monitor


  • Documents Monitor: Monitoring for document-based integrations like IDocs or BDocs

Documents Monitor


  • Communication Monitor: Monitoring for the availability and performance of RFC destinations, qRFC or tRFC queues and web service messages

Communication Monitor


  • Cloud Monitor: Monitoring for SAP public cloud components

Cloud Monitor


  • Integration Error Monitor: Monitor and analyze critical exceptions in heterogeneous system landscapes

Integration Error Monitor


  • Data Replication Monitor: Monitoring of SLT data replication and CFin Data Flow Verification

Data Replication Monitor


  • Custom pages: Add custom pages to display AIF monitoring or add any of the above monitoring apps to the personalized page


Want to learn more about SAP Focused Run Advanced Integration Monitoring, contact FocusedRun@sap.comand request a free workshop with an expert or check out the public demo system


Check out the Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM) demo video and try it yourself in the public demo system:



Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM) is a powerful use case in SAP Focused Run to monitor exceptions for Cloud and On Prem components based on advanced dashboard capabilities. It provides insightful monitoring dashboards with systems, cloud services or integration scenarios as starting point including alerting, analytics, and root cause analysis. Another great feature is the message and document search to follow integration artifacts related to certain business context information. It provides End-to-End monitoring by correlating single integration artefacts to end-to-end message flows cross components and cross technology.


What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

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