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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The world of SAP Fiori is continually evolving, and our latest updates are a testament to this dynamic progress. As we consistently strive for improvement, we are excited to introduce new capabilities that simplify, integrate, and enhance the SAP Fiori tools experience. Let's explore these innovative features that are set to redefine your development workflow. 

Simplifying User Experience  

Our focus on simplifying the user experience is more robust than ever. We've fine-tuned our UX to significantly reduce data entry and the number of necessary clicks. For instance, in scenarios where there's only one CAP project in your workspace, it's automatically selected as the OData source when generating a new project. Similarly, Guided Development now auto-selects the service in its guides when only one service is present. These intuitive enhancements mean less time on routine selections and more on productive development. 

Integrated Development Experience:  

Integration is key in our approach to improving SAP Fiori tools. We've added a dedicated “Information” view accessible via the "Fiori" tab in the activity panel, where you can easily find links to documentation, tutorials, and support – all independent of your current project. This feature streamlines access to essential resources, enhancing your development efficiency.  


Easily access all the important links


I am also very excited that you can now create and edit adaptation project for SAPUI5 apps in Visual Studio Code, offering an alternative to SAP Business Application Studio for those who require or prefer an offline solution. The features are designed to offer harmonized experience for developing and adapting an app using SAP Fiori tools. This initial version of the feature set is experimental to get it to your hands as soon as possible. You can expect that we continue to work on making iit simpler and more integrated.

Continuous Enhancements 

We are committed to continuing to improve our feature sets. Since the introduction of TypeScript support, we have now added the ability to generate OPA tests using TypeScript. The ability to validate package names and transport requests during the deploy-test phase marks another step towards a more seamless and error-free deployment process. 

Understanding the complexities of annotations, we've introduced a new UI for local annotation overrides to simplify the process of finding the required annotations. The Page Editor now goes deeper into associations, enabling auto-generation of value helps, filters based on associations, and the creation of table sections based on inline compositions. These enhancements not only simplify the annotation process but also add depth and flexibility to your project editing capabilities. 

Overriding annotation made easier

Embracing the Open Source Journey 

In our ongoing journey with open source, we've released several annotation-related modules to foster transparency and reuse within the community. The Guided Development extension now utilizes the annotation API from open source, enhancing its functionality and openness. We're also excited to announce the publication of dependent modules for the reference library generator to open source. Looking ahead, we plan to release our telemetry library, a valuable tool for developers creating VSC extensions who require built-in telemetry to guide product direction. 

What's Next - The Future of SAP Fiori Tools 

Generative AI is currently a hot topic, and we are at the forefront of incorporating AI to accelerate and enrich the development of SAP Fiori tools. Stay tuned for some exciting innovations that promise to transform the SAP Fiori tools landscape and greatly speed up how to create apps. 

These updates to SAP Fiori tools represent our unwavering dedication to innovation, simplification, and integration. We are committed to providing a development environment that is not only efficient and user-friendly but also forward-thinking. Keep an eye on our journey as we push the boundaries of what's possible in SAP Fiori tools development.