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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this release of SAP Fiori tools 2108, we built upon our core features to make SAP Fiori tools even more comprehensive and easy to use. For example, we improved the ability to migrate apps created in Web IDE, including multiple applications at the same time. Large enterprise development teams often rely on shared libraries to drive standardization and improve efficiency across multiple groups. We now make it easier to integrate libraries, also called reuse components. We also enhanced our guided development tools in both functionality and ease of use. This blog will provide an overview of these improvements.


Migrate multiple Web IDE projects at one time


Many of you have been using SAP Web IDE to develop SAP Fiori applications. Since the first release of SAP Fiori tools, we have listened to your concerns and want to make your transition to SAP Fiori tools as smooth as possible. Previously, we had introduced the Fiori: Migrate Project for use in Fiori tools command, leveraging on the quick pick offered by Visual Studio Code. You were prompted with a series of questions via quick pick. This approach enabled us to offer you a basic tool you could immediately use. Of course, this also works in SAP Business Application Studio.


We understand that this is not the best user experience and many of you have a need to migrate many projects at the same time. I am happy to announce that our migration tool now offers a dedicated UI that will show you the list of projects in your workspace. You can enter all the necessary information for multiple projects in one single screen and perform migration for all of them at one time. In addition to improved UX, we invested heavily to enrich the capability of the tool. If you are using both Web IDE and SAP Fiori tools in parallel, I encourage you to migrate the projects over for a uniform development experience for your teams.


Migrate multiple projects to SAP Fiori tools



Building on reuse components to boost development efficiency


In large development organizations that build complex applications, the application often makes use of the reuse components developed by different development teams. These reusable components support the encapsulation of closely related parts of an application into a particular component, making the structure of the application and code easier to understand and maintain. Moreover, an application can use components from locations different from where the application is running. In the last release, we introduced the ability to preview an application that references a reusable component. In this release, we are making it easier for you to add a reusable component to your project. To do so, you can use command Fiori: Add Reference to SAP Fiori Reusable Libraries


Add reuse components to your project



Guided Development makes it easier to find the guides you need


A recent benchmarking study indicated significant progress in terms of the overall usability for SAP Fiori tools since the December 2020 release. Guided Development is highlighted as a key factor in the study. The concept of turning a complex task into a series of steps that build easy-to-understand code snippets resonated well with the study participants.


While delivering new guides such as Extend object headers using extensions, we also made the user experience even better, showing only the guides that are relevant for the project. When browsing through the full list, the relevancy of the guide to the project is clearly visible to the user, with inapplicable guides clearly marked. We also took the first step toward making it easier to add a group of parameters in a guide.   To start, we’ve rolled this out in our Add a new column to a table guide, which enables you to add multiple columns at once before applying the code snippet. We plan to enhance other guides with this functionality going forward, making it simpler to carry out your development tasks.



Add multiple columns to a table



We are continuing to innovate in SAP Fiori tools


SAP Fiori tools continues to evolve in response to your feedback. We have many more exciting innovations planned as you can see in our product roadmap. What else do you need to make developing SAP Fiori elements apps easier and faster? Let us know in the comments – or feel free to send me an email.


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Provide feedback on what you would like to see in the extension in the future – enter your ideas into the comments


On behalf of the SAP Fiori elements product team, tashley.