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We released a 2.0 version for the SAP Fiori application "My Inbox" in January 2016.

List of features in My Inbox 2.0

The following are the set of new features released with this version :

  • Outbox
  • Unplanned Substitution
  • Filtering based on Substituted Users

Now, let us look at these features in detail :


You can view 'Completed' and 'Suspended' tasks within the 'Outbox' tile. Such an Outbox tile needs to be configured by the administrator.

The steps to be followed for the Outbox configuration are as follows :

  • Title : Enter the name of the scenario. Example : Outbox
  • Icon : Use any of the available icons
  • Service URL : Enter /sap/opu/odata/IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING;v=2;mo/TaskCollection/$count/?$filter=Status eq 'FOR_RESUBMISSION' or Status eq 'COMPLETED'
  • Semantic Object : WorkflowTask
  • Action : displayInbox
  • Parameters : allItems=true&outbox=true'

Let's take a closer look at the Outbox features.

1. Task List

The task list in Outbox shows your 'Completed' and 'Suspended' 'tasks. By default 300 tasks will be visible in the Outbox.

  • To look for a specific task from the task list, you can do a free text search.
  • To manually refresh the task list you can select the refresh icon in the list view.
  • Re ordering of tasks in the task list can be done based on Task title, Completed On, Created By and Priority.
  • To view a subset of your tasks you can filter on Completed Date, Resume Date and Task type.You can also group tasks according to Priority of the task, Status or Task Type.


2 Task Details

The task detail screen gives detailed information of the selected task in the task list.

3 Execute Actions

You can perform 'Resume' action on a 'suspended' task.

Unplanned Substitution

With My Inbox you have the option of delegating your tasks to a substitute in your absence.You can also control whether your substitute can process all work items, or just specific work items.If you want your substitute to process only specific work items then you can do so by assigning a task group while creating a substitute. If you do not assign a task group then the substitute would process all the work items.You could also delete a substitute.

In the previous release of My Inbox, you could nominate a substitute for a planned absence. Planned substitution is usually targeted for a scenario where in you know the start date and the end date for your absence. Your substitute will then see your tasks directly displayed in her Inbox for the period defined by you.

With My Inbox 2.0, you can also nominate a substitute for your unplanned absence. In this case, your substitute will need to accept the substitution in order to see your tasks in her inbox. Unplanned substitution could be looked at as a scenario where you assign permanent backup(s) for yourself. When you are unexpectedly absent due to sickness or any other unforeseen reason, your backup could 'take over' your tasks and work on them until you are back.

How to nominate an unplanned substitute

Navigate to Manage My Substitutes screen

Select the Unplanned tab in 'Manage my substitutes' screen. Click on the button "Add New Substitute" present in the footer of the screen.

In the "Add new substitution" wizard, search  and then select a substitute you want to nominate

Select a profile and then click on "save"

Application confirms the successful creation of an unplanned nominee. You will see the entry in the Unplanned Substitution tab

Taking over tasks as an unplanned substitute

Your nominated substitute for an unplanned absence can choose to take over or stop receiving tasks from you.

To do so, she selects the "Substitute For" from the user drop down menu

She will see the list of users who have nominated her as their unplanned substitute. By default, she will not be receiving their tasks. If she wants to take over, she will need to activate the substitution for that particular user.

She clicks on on the switch button to activate a user. Once activated, the switch button turns green.

After activating / deactivating the user, click on done. The list will be refreshed and she will get the tasks from the activated users.

Known limitation while taking over the tasks as an unplanned substitute

If someone has nominated you as their unplanned substitute for SAP Business workflow provider's tasks and you activate the user from "Substitute For list", the user will disappear from the "Substitute For" list anymore, which means you will not have an option to stop receiving their tasks.
This limitation does not exist for SAP Business Process Management tasks.

Filter Tasks based on Substituted Users

You can filter your tasks based on the users that you are substituting. With this filter option, you will be able to see a subset of tasks in your inbox, based on the user / users that you are substituting.