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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Let me share generic troubleshooting steps for Fiori apps.


For troubleshooting, you need to understand runtime architecture of Fiori apps. Please go through SAP Fiori learning materials (2013 June edition).


Reporting just like “I got this error message” is not smart way. Please report what is the issue and what you have checked.


There are 5 categories for troubleshootings. Please check from Category 1 to 5.


  • Category 1: Software deployment

  • Category 2: Connection settings

  • Category 3: Backend configuration

  • Category 4: Search SCN and Notes

  • Category 5A: OData side

  • Category 5B: UI side

  • The last step: Report the issue



Category 1: Software deployment



1.1 Make sure you have installed prerequisite add-on components.

 Installation Guide

SAP Fiori LL02 - Double check the add-on components name and the target server

SAP Fiori - Add-on quick reference for transactional apps


1.2 Make sure you have applied the latest support package.

          SAP Fiori LL09 - Check the latest support package level


11. 1.3  Apply all mandatory notes

          Over 50% reported issues in SCN, root cause was missing mandatory notes,

          SAP Fiori LL03 - Apply all SAP Notes before implementation


Category 2: Connection settings


2.1 Make sure the trusted RFC was set up

SAP Fiori LL05 - Common mistake for setting trusted RFC


2.2.Double check the system alias definition and taskprocessing service

SAP Fiori LL06 - Define system alias for the TASKPROCESSING service


2.3 Check http/https settings

        You may get CSRF token error

        1896961 - HTTP/HTTPS Configuration for SAP NetWeaver Gateway


Category 3: Backend configuration


3.1 Test the scenario in ERP without Fiori

        I see many issues were reported because of ERP is not configured or your user is not integrated to HCM.

          SAP Fiori LL04 - Make sure the backend applications are running before implementation  


Category 4: Search SCN and Notes


4.1 Search SCN and notes

          Your issue may be reported by others and you can search solution in SCN and SAP Service Marketplace.

Category 5A: OData side


5A.1 Identify the OData URI and checkthe response

        Most of issue are related with OData and ERP configuration. Fiori apps get data via OData from ERP backend. You should check the issue is in OData side or UI side.

        SAP Fiori LL11 - Consultants should know about OData troubleshooting


Category 5B: UI side


5B.1. Apply additional notes for UI

          If you apply UI Add-on SP08. you may get UI5 library down compatibility issue. You have to apply some fix notes.


The last step: Report the issue

  • If it is how to question or you think some your setting is wrong, please post issues on SCN

Start a discussion

  • If it looks a bug, please create a customer message in the SAP Service Marketplace.

          SAP Fiori - Component Name quick reference

          Make sure you open the remote connection for both SAPGUI and Web (http/terminal server, etc.) access.