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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Latest Update November 2019: Adding the quick and easy way to find your application component - the About dialog! Added Web Client User Interface to classic apps

In the SAP S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group (S/4HANA RIG) we've seen many customers lose valuable time in getting Fiori support incidents resolved by selecting the wrong component or failing to include the right information. In this blog we include the link to a SAP Guided Answer decision tree that will help you get it right first time, and get your issues resolved faster. 

How to create the perfect SAP Fiori Incident

There are so many aspects to SAP Fiori that when you need to raise a SAP Incident to the SAP Support team it can be confusing knowing what you need to provide.  Even more confusing is working out what component to select to get your issue in front of the right support team, as there are different teams depending on where you experience your issue, including:

  • Fiori Apps

  • Fiori Launchpad

  • Classic Apps (SAPGUI for HTML, Web Dynpro ABAP, Web Client User Interface)

  • Fiori Launchpad Designer

  • UI Theme Designer

  • SAP Web Dispatcher

  • Fiori Logging In/Out

  • Fiori Performance

So the good news is there is a very quick and easy way when you need to raise a support incident against a SAP Fiori app that you have in your Fiori launchpad - just use the About dialog.  This appears in the User Actions menu in SAP S/4HANA 1909 and above, and in the Me area in SAP S/4HANA 1809 and below. You will find more details explained in Finding the technical name of an app

Here is an example of what you are looking for. Note the App id - make sure you include this in your incident subject title - and the application component to use on your incident to get it to the right support team.

When it's not a specific app, it can be a little difficult to explain this sort of this decision in a blog, so we have prepared a SAP Guided Answer decision tree to help step you through this process. Just click on the "How to create the perfect Fiori incident" link below to get started.

How to create the perfect Fiori incident

Tip: What's a SAP Guided Answer? Think of it as a Fiori app that lets you step you through a simple question and answer decision tree. You can go back and forth in the tree as often as you like. You can give us feedback if there's any information missing, or unclear.  And we can update the tree as new information comes to hand. You can find and search for other SAP Guided Answers at the SAP Guided Answers home page.

We've included some initial checks you can also try that may save you from having to raise an incident at all. Because after all the perfect incident ... is not having to raise an incident at all.

When the you enter the SAP Guided Answer you will see the entry page:

Just read the information and select the most appropriate answer to the question to step through to the next part of the tree.

You can go back and forth in the tree as often as you like.  And if you have any feedback on the questions, answers or advice - use the feedback option.

If you'd like to suggest some other decision trees please add them in the comments of this blog.

Becoming a SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA guru

You’ll find much more on our SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA wiki

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