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For customers starting a SAP S/4HANA project with a SAP Fiori first approach, one of the first types of apps to consider are Overview Pages. I had this conversation with a new SAP S/4HANA Oil and Gas customer starting out on SAP S/4HANA 1909.  Since they were doing a greenfield (i.e. install from scratch) implementation, and there was no history of SAP usage to consider, they want to go SAP Fiori first. Why Overview Pages? Overview pages make a great entry point for fit-gap and for the home page of any business role.

The first Overview Pages appeared in SAP S/4HANA 1610.  Now in SAP S/4HANA 2023 there are 67 Overview Pages delivered as part of your SAP S/4HANA solution. You can find a list of all of these at the end of this blog post, plus some suggestions re alternatives if your chosen business role does not provide an Overview Page in your SAP S/4HANA release.

You can try these Overview Page apps for yourself using a SAP S/4HANA trial solution.

Overview Pages are an intuitive cockpit of related cards for a specific business domain within SAP S/4HANA. The aim of an Overview Page is to give you a heterogenous dashboard of all the major concerns of a particular business role.

Note: This concept is somewhat different to the SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition launchpad concept where the aim is to support a heterogenous dashboard across on-premise and cloud solutions for all the concerns of a specific user.

You can watch a short video explaining the purpose and major features in Getting started with SAP Fiori elements video series: Introducing Overview Pages.  Overview Pages:

So when considering your own business roles, Overview Pages are a great place to start evaluating the SAP Business role to your own business roles. For example, a good time to evaluate Overview Pages is in the Explore phase when running a project using SAP Activate Methodology.

SAP Overview Page major features using a real-life example

Note: The screenshots in this blog were taken using a SAP S/4HANA 1909 Fully Activated Appliance trial with demo user S4H_FIN_DEM and S4H_FIN.

Here you can see the SAP Fiori app F2445 General Ledger Overview Page – just one example.

SAP Fiori Overview Pages are also extremely flexible and personalizable. Overview Page features have improved in each SAP S/4HANA & related SAPUI5 release. You can check the features available in your SAPUI5 release in the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.

Tip: You can check your SAPUI5 release using the About dialog in the User Actions menu of your SAP S/4HANA 1909 or higher system (or in the Me Area in earlier SAP S/4HANA releases) as explained in Finding the Technical Name of an app.

In SAP S/4HANA as a business user you can:

  • Filter all cards together using the Smart Filter

  • Rearrange cards via drag and drop

  • Resize cards – both vertically and horizontally using the resize icon in the bottom right hand corner of the card

    • Vertical resizing available since SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01

    • Horizontal resizing available since SAP S/4HANA 1909

  • Get more data on a data point just by hovering your cursor on the data point to bring up a tooltip with more information

  • Navigate to other apps and classic user interfaces depending on the card type and app-to-app configuration

    • For example, by cursor selecting the the card header, rows in a list card, data points in a chart card, a link in a list card, etc.

  • Hide unwanted cards using the Manage Cards option in the User Actions menu

    • Note: In earlier SAP S/4HANA releases Manage Cards appears in the lefthand pane of the Fiori launchpad known as the Me area

Here you can see an example of cards filtered on various parameters such as currency Euro (EUR) and key date.  Just enter your parameters in the Smart Filter bar at the top and press Go to apply the filter.

Here you can see what it looks like when you are in the process of dragging and dropping, just position your cursor on a card header and move the cursor to rearrange the display.  When you drop the Overview Page will automatically snap the card into the nearest grid position.

Tip: Read the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines - Overview Page section Structure to understand the grid layout and how it adapts to different device types.

To resize a card you simply position your cursor on the resize icon in the bottom right hand corner of a card and drag the edge of the card with your cursor to the desired length and width.

You can get more data on a data point by hovering cursor on the data point in the chart. Here you see that hovering on the July column shows the exact amount of Actuals is 534 EUR.

If you need to hide (or show a hidden) card, you can access the Mange Cards personalization feature in the User Actions menu (or in the Me area in previous SAP S/4HANA releases).

You simply toggle the slider buttons to hide or show each card.

You also have all the usual Smart Filter capabilities such as:

  • Collapse (or expand) the filter area, e.g. to make more space

  • Adapt Filters to change your filter criteria

  • You can save your filter as a new filter variant and, if authorized, share it with other users

  • You can save a filter variant as your default when entering the Overview Page, including applying your default filters automatically on entry to the app, i.e. without having to press the Go button

  • Save your filter variant as a new tile on your Fiori launchpad home page

  • Send your filter variant via an email link

Tip: From SAP S/4HANA 1909, you can now mark filter variants as favorites

Like many delivered SAP Fiori apps you can also get in-app user assistance using the help icon – click on the bubble or the explanation to see an explanation of the related card or term.

Or select What’s this app? to get to the app documentation.

Adapting cards on behalf of other users

For customers using SAP S/4HANA 1809 FPS01 (SAPUI5 1.60) or higher you can also adjust Overview Pages as an authorized key user using the Adapt UI option in the User Actions menu (in SAP S/4HANA 1909 and higher (or in the Me area in prior SAP S/4HANA releases).

IMPORTANT: You only see the Adapt UI option if you are authorized, e.g. using the provided security role SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER. Find out more about Key User functions and their prerequisites in Adapting Fiori apps at Runtime – Key User Adaptation

In SAP S/4HANA 1909 or higher, as a key user you can make the following changes on behalf of all users:

  • Preset the default smart filter variant

  • Hide/show cards by default

  • Rearrange cards via drag and drop

  • Resize cards (using Edit Card option)

  • Edit cards

    • g. Change the title and subtitle of cards, set the default view, change the number of columns or rows shown in a list card

  • Copy cards

    • g. To create a similar card in the same overview page with different configuration

  • Add a Link List card to link to other apps or URLS

  • Add a KPI card

IMPORTANT: Key user capabilities evolve over time so check the app in your release for what is possible.

Tip: You can also access make changes to the Smart Filter bar – such as to hide it, or you can remove the ability to create filter variants.

In UI Adaptation mode, you can use the context menu on any card to access the key user options.

Extending or Building cards as a Developer

Yes you can extend a delivered SAP Fiori Overview Page using a Fiori Adaptation Project. Find out what’s possible in the SAPUI5 SDK > Developing Apps with SAP Fiori elements > How to use SAP Fiori elements > Extending SAP Fiori elements-based apps > Extending Delivered Apps using Adaptation Extensions

You can also build your own custom SAP Fiori Overview Pages

See how Linde created their own custom SAP Fiori Overview Page in Linde uses SAP Fiori elements to reduce pressure on their development pipeline.

Here you see an example of a custom Overview Page we created in the SAP S/4HANA RIG.

You can even provide key user capabilities on your own Overview Page.

Find out more about building Overview Pages in the SAPUI5 SDK > Developing Apps with SAP Fiori elements > Overview Pages.

Get more information on Fiori elements in the SAP Community

Find more blogs and examples of what other customers have done with Overview Pages in the Fiori elements wiki

Finding SAP Fiori Overview Pages in the SAP Fiori Apps reference Library

In the SAP Fiori apps library, select the main filter SAP Fiori apps for SAP S/4HANA.

Then use the filter icon to narrow down your search.

Select the filter UI Technology then SAP Fiori elements Overview Page and press Ok.

Then select your desired sub filter such as All Apps or By Roles.

Or if you want to find out more details for an app you happen to see in a SAP Business Role in your own SAP S/4HANA system, just use the About dialog in the User Actions menu to find the app id e.g. F2445, and you can search the SAP Fiori apps reference library using the app id, as explained in Finding the Technical Name of an app.

Each entry in the SAP Fiori apps reference library gives more information such as:

  • App Documentation link on the Product Features tab – e.g. to find out which cards are available in your SAP S/4HANA release

  • Optionally, related Best Practice guide on the Product Feateres tab – prerequisites and configuration options

  • Related Apps on the Implementation Information tab – such as available app to app navigation targets

Related apps, e.g. navigation targets of the various cards in the Overview Page, are shown towards the bottom of the Implementation Information tab.

SAP Fiori Overview Pages delivered in SAP S/4HANA


Below you can find a quick summary list of all the Overview Pages by SAP Business Role, and in which SAP S/4HANA release they first became available.


Role Name Fiori App Id App Name Available since SAP S/4HANA Release
Accounts Payable Manager F2917 Accounts Payable Overview 1809
Accounts Receivable Manager F3242 Accounts Receivable Overview 1809

Accounts Receivable Manager - Public Sector

F6601 At-Risk Customers Overview 2022
Asset Accountant F3096 Asset Accounting Overview 1809
Billing Specialist F2801 Outstanding Billing Overview 1709
Billing Specialist F2709 Periodic Billing Overview 1709
Billing Specialist F3135 Periodic Invoicing Overview 1809
Cash Manager F3775 Bank Relationship Overview 1909
Configuration Expert - Business Process Configuration F3912 Central Procurement Operations Monitor 1909
Contract Valuation Specialist - Leasing F4035 Valuation Cockpit 1909
Cost Accountant - Production F6248 F6248 Production Cost Overview Event-Based 2022
Cost Accountant - Sales F3228 Sales Accounting Overview 1809
Customer Service Manager (Customer Management) F3607 Service Management Overview 2020
Development Manager F3384 Engineering Cockpit 1809
General Ledger Accountant F2445 General Ledger Overview 1809
General Ledger Accountant F3303 Monitor GR/IR Account Reconciliation 1809 FPS01
Industrial Hygienist F7512 Workplace Safety Overview 2023
Insurance Claims Supervisor F2635 Claims Supervisor Overview 1709
Internal Sales Representative F2200 My Sales Overview 1709
Internal Sales Representative F3474 Product Allocation Overview 1809
Inventory Analyst F3366 Inventory Analysis Overview 1909
Inventory Manager F2769 Overview Inventory Management 1709
Legal Counsel F2933 Legal Content Overview Page 1809
Logistics Automation Specialist - Data Collation
F5376 Ticket Overview 2020 FPS01
Maintenance Planner F2828 Maintenance Planning Overview 1809
Maintenance Planner - Resource Scheduling F2227 Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners 1610
Master Data Specialist - Business Partner Data F3118 Master Data Process Overview for Business Partner 1809
Master Data Specialist - Financial Data F3428 Master Data Process Overview for Financial Data 1809
Master Data Specialist - Product Data F3119 Master Data Process Overview for Product 1809
Master Data Steward - Business Partner Data F3900 Data Quality Evaluation Overview for Business Partners 1909
Master Data Steward - Product Data F3260 Data Quality Evaluation Overview for Products 1809
Master Data Steward - Product Data F2519 Master Data Remediation Overview Products 1709
Material Planner - Just-In-Time Supply F3933 Overview of JIT Supply To Customer 1909
Meter Data Specialist F2786 Periodic Meter Reading Overview 1709
Operations Specialist (Utilities) F7255 F7255 BPEM Clarification Case Overview 2023
Order-to-Cash Process Manager F2242 Order-to-Cash Performance - Overview 1610
Order Fulfillment Manager (Retail) F4373 Supply and Demand Cockpit 1909 FPS01
Other F4975 Overview of JIT Calls for Supply to Production 2020 FPS02
Product Configuration Modeler F2940 Variant Configuration Overview 1809
Production Planner F2832 Planner Overview 1809
Project Manager F1876 My Projects - Project Manager 1610
Purchaser F1990 Procurement Overview Page 1610
Quality Engineer F2360 Quality Engineer Overview 1709
Quality Technician F2361 Quality Technician Overview 1709
Receiving Specialist (Oil and Gas) F5479 F5479 Receipts and Return Overview  2022
Recipe Developer F3109 My Recipe Overview 1809
Retail Store Manager F4674 My Store Overview 2020
Revenue Accountant F4067 Revenue Accounting Overview 1909
Sales Manager F2601 Sales Management Overview 1709
Transportation Manager F2673 Allocation Compliance 1709
Transportation Manager F2674 Business Share 1709
Transportation Manager F2677 Freight Booking Execution 1709
Transportation Manager F2678 Freight Booking: Quantity driven operational Business 1709
Transportation Manager F2675 Freight Order Execution 1709
Transportation Manager F2676 Freight Order: Quantity driven operational Business 1709
Transportation Manager F2679 Tendering 1709
Transportation Manager F2672 Transportation Costs 1809
Transportation Manager - Cargo Flow F6149 Port Call Analysis - CSL 2021
Transportation Manager - Direct Distribution  F4743 Route Overview 2020 FPS01
Treasury Risk Manager F2331 Foreign Exchange Overview 1709
Treasury Risk Manager F3098 Interest Rate Overview 1809
Treasury Risk Manager F3941 Market Data Overview 1909
Warehouse Clerk F2416 Overview Inventory Processing 1709
Warehouse Clerk F4024 Warehouse KPIs - Operations 1909

Warehouse Clerk (Extended Warehouse Management)

F5122 Analyzer Warehouse Order 2021



What to do if your selected SAP Business Role does not have a delivered SAP Fiori Overview Page

You can always build your own SAP Fiori Overview Page as explained in Getting Started with SAP Fiori elements: Creating Overview Pages.

However if you want to maximize use of SAP delivered Fiori apps, consider searching for apps in your Business Role with Manage or Monitor or Worklist in the app name.

Manage, Monitor, and Worklist apps often act as simple dashboards that are also good entry points as they natively support app-to-app navigation as shown in Adjusting insight to action app to app navigation.

Becoming a SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA guru

You’ll find much more on the community topic page for SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA

Other helpful links in the SAP Community:

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