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UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1909, 1809, 1709, 1610

SAP Fiori Launchpad for S/4HANA can integrate various UX application technologies. Amongst these technologies, we can find:

  • SAP UI5

  • SAP Web Dynpro/FPM ABAP

  • SAP GUI for HTML

In the current S/4HANA releases not all SAP GUI standard transactions are available as a standard SAP Fiori App using any of the technologies listed above, the same will occur for Custom Transactions, hence you will find some cases where you will need to define your own approach to expose backend functionality in Fiori Launchpad.
The approach you define needs to be based on User Role definitions and in line with Fiori Launchpad Design guidelines provided by your UX Implementation Team.

There are two main options to expose standard or custom transactions in Fiori Launchpad, both have specific requirements:


  • Required transaction exists as Web Dynpro/FPM or SAP GUI for HTML

  • You have analyzed and identified the required subset of transactions required for a specific user role

  • You will maintain the amount of applications consumed through this methods to the minimum


You will find the step-by-step guides describing each method in the following link:

General Recommendations:

  • Technical Backend Business Catalogs must not contain more than 200 Application Descriptors

  • The app finder displays the following tabs where you can find all the apps available for your role:

    • Catalog - A repository of all the Fiori UI5 apps that are assigned by your administrator to your role

    • User Menu - A customized menu that includes folders of those SAP GUI transactions and Web Dynpro ABAP apps assigned to your role in a specific backend system.

    • SAP Menu - A standard menu delivered by SAP that includes folders of all SAP GUI transactions and Web Dynpro ABAP apps offered by an SAP system. This menu is not role-dependent and therefore displays the same content for all users, you are aware of the possible security risks that come as a result of granting access to this menu.

  • You can hide the SAP Menu and User Menu in the App Finder using Launchpad Configuration Parameters

  • You are aware of the Restrictions in SAP Fiori visual theme for classic applications SAP Note 2348661

  • You are aware of the Restrictions for using SAP GUI for HTMLSAP Note 314568

  • You are aware of the display adjustments that may be needed to render an application using Belize Theme described in the Configuration Guidelines

In the following video you will find an example of the results obtained by implementing App Finder.

Notice that by using the App Descriptor approach the Fiori Administrator will be in charge of assigning the transactions, on the other hand, by using App Finder the end user will be the one to decide which transactions will be added to the launchpad.


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