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Since SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 and the flexible programming model are relatively new and now experience an accelerated adoption, we receive many questions around starter topics. While we always enjoy the opportunity to learn how you are using our products, and provide advice, our team from SAP Fiori elements development might be the bottleneck for you to advance on your development journey. So, in this blog post, I will share some key resources that will help you navigate our documentation and other sources and learn about our latest development innovations.

The most robust collection of information is obviously the UI5 documentation, as it has all the information on individual features and functions comprehensively in one place. It will be your go-to place to lookup details on basically everything around SAP Fiori development details. It's the Encyclopedia Britannica of SAP Fiori Elements. It features for example the very handy Feature Map that lists a variety of individual features or whole patterns, and how you can use them or whether there are individual differences to consider depending on running on an OData V2 or V4 stack.

Feature Map

That being said, it might be just too much for a start or, like a dictionary, not necessarily the best initial read at all, but rather your daily reference in the future. Your very first stop might be to complete our OpenSAP course, or work through the available standard or extended developer tutorials. These also incorporate SAP Fiori tools, so you will have all the technical foundations you need to build apps using either SAP Business Application Studio or locally using Visual Studio Code.

Or simply lean back and watch some of our series of videos on this topic.

As developers, we also like to peek into existing code samples. So, we have some good public GitHub repos with showcases available where you can see things in action and borrow what you need and know is working. For example, the complete final apps of the two above-mentioned trainings are SFlight and Incident Management. Another more advanced and extended version of the SFlight starter tutorial can provide even more insights.
An extremely useful masterpiece is the SAP Fiori elements showcase. While it's an app that doesn't even pretend to pursue any useful purpose, it's a wild collection of the majority of controls available to represent your data, all stuffed into one single colorful app.

Feature Showcase

Just look at all the available wonders and how they are coded in the respective CAP or RAP programming models. Supplemental information is provided in dedicated CAP & RAP blogs.

Your ultimate companion, especially once you became a seasoned SAP Fiori Elements developer, is the Flexible Programming Model Explorer.

Flexible Programming Model Explorer

Getting better and more comprehensive with each monthly delivery, not only offers it comprehensive information on extending your apps beyond standard backend-driven functionalities, but also allows you to play around in that live-sandbox with all the effects that settings and annotations have on building blocks. As apps are initially also mostly compiled with those very building blocks, you can research these effects for the standard functionalities in the same way. It's a fun and instructive playground that you'll love!

All the above mentioned resources, and even more and always up-to-date other details and a whole jump-start into the world of SAP Fiori elements development, are available through the extensive SAP UI5 help. Just bookmark it and come back whenever you need some additional guidance.

SAP Fiori Elements Resources Overview

Other resources, especially if you prefer an interactive exchange with our development professionals, are the hands-on session on SAP TechEd or the monthly SAP Fiori elements & tools roundtable.

You also might want to follow us for the SAP Fiori topic on SAP Community. Next to general up-to-date information, specific questions and answers are addressed, and a lot of dedicated blogs are published.

If you would like to see any more information or specific development resources on SAP Fiori Elements, or would like to provide other feedback, just let us know in the comment section.