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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP TechEd had an exciting mix of keynotes highlighting new innovations, product announcements for new solutions, and hands-on sessions to let you try out the latest technologies.

For SAP Fiori developers, perhaps the most exciting news was SAP Build Code, a new solution for professional developers. SAP Build Code, which runs on BTP, includes SAP Business Application Studio, SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements, and SAP Fiori tools. It also introduces some amazing AI capabilities through Joule, SAP’s new generative AI assistant. This newsletter will cover the main TechEd announcements and a summary of the first-ever ASUG Tech Connect conference.

If you want to meet with fellow developers and the SAP engineers who build our professional development tools, I encourage you to join our monthly SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools roundtable group.
Our last meeting of 2023 is on December 13 and we resume the series on January 10, 2024.

Learn about the group at
You can also email me if you would like an invitation.

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Peter, Oliver, and Raz


Development News: SAP TechEd recap


You have probably seen the keynotes by now, but if not, here are the links to:

Day 1 keynote with Juergen Mueller:

Day 2 keynote with Philipp Herzig:

If you want a summary of all the announcements, beyond SAP Build Code, I encourage you to review the SAP TechEd News Guide:

SAP Build Code announcement

For SAP Fiori developers, the SAP Build Code announcement is big news. Here are the new pages that explain what SAP Build Code includes and how it can speed up your development.

There are also several blog post that provide context around the SAP Build Code announcement.

Other product announcements (all included as part of SAP Build Code)

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) introduced many new features since last year.

The SAP Fiori elements feature showcase has some new goodies.

SAP Business Application Studio has many new features to increase your productivity.

Recommended SAP TechEd recordings

SAP TechEd provides a mix of lectures and hands-on sessions. You might need to register for TechEd to view the content, if you have not done that already.


AD105v Deliver Smooth User Experiences with SAP Solutions

AD200v Discover New Capabilities of SAPUI5 with SAP Build Code

AD283v Develop SAPUI5 Applications with Pro-Code Tools and Best Practices from SAP

Hands-on sessions (link to Git repository)

AD265 Bringing UI to the Next Level: Develop SAPUI5 with SAP Build Code

AD267 Extending with ABAP Cloud and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

AD260 Building SAP Fiori apps with ABAP Cloud on SAP BTP ABAP environment


Other News

Defaulting action parameters with complex business logic in an SAP Fiori Elements application using RAP

Many developers use ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) to build efficient and scalable SAP Fiori elements applications. This post discusses how to default action parameters to enhance user efficiency by pre-filling form fields with relevant and context-aware values.


Join the SAP User Research Panel

Do you use SAP products in your daily work and wish that you could tell someone how to make the products you use every day even better? Now you can. The new SAP User Research Panel will connect you directly to the people who create the products you use most. Register here via User Interviews.

New roadmaps available

SAPUI5 roadmap

SAP Fiori elements roadmap

SAP Business Application Studio roadmap

SAP Fiori tools roadmap


Developer events

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to SAP Fiori User Experience and its Technologies – December 2023

This webcast on December 7 will answer the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a high-level understanding of SAP Fiori and its technologies and tools?

  • Would you like to get an overview to see how all of this fits together?

  • Do you know what the new SAP Build Code is about?

  • You have an ABAP / on-prem background and want to learn about how SAP BTP / cloud is used for SAP Fiori?

  • Do you want to leverage entry points for your own practical learning, e.g. recommended tutorials?

Learn more about the event and register.


Summary of first-ever ASUG Tech Connect

Since there was no in-person SAP TechEd in North America, ASUG stepped up to fill the gap. Here's a summary of the event, from a UX perspective.

More Resources

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