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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We publish the SAP Fiori development every other month to share new information with developers in the SAP ecosystem about SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, and SAP Business Application Studio. The editorial team that curates the articles includes oliver.graeffraz.korn, as well as peter.spielvogel.

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Development News

SAP Fiori tools update for 2211

While SAP Fiori tools releases new functionality every two weeks, we only summarize the innovations every few months. This time, we cover TypeScript support, easier troubleshooting, and harnessing the power of the flexible programming model.


News in SAPUI5 flexibility - adaptation projects

Adaptation projects in SAP Business Application Studio extend SAP's standard applications and now also extend already-deployed projects created by SAP (e.g. industry solutions) or SAP partners. This enables customers to adapt even more solutions to meet their needs. Another new capability is that developers can preview an adaptation project in a separate browser tab. This enables a standalone preview for e.g. automated/manual testing.


Guest editorial: Good UX matters

Ethan Jewett, SAP Mentor, developer, User Experience (UX) expert, and Director of DevOps, Development and Technology at Mindset Consulting, is a strong advocate on the positive impact that UX can have on the world. He shares his thoughts in this interview.


Open Documentation Initiative for SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori elements

For three years, the Open Documentation Initiative has allowed you to contribute to SAPUI5 documentation. As of SAPUI5 1.107, you can contribute to SAP Fiori elements documentation.


Build and deploy UI5 freestyle applications to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment

This blog post shows you how to build and deploy Multi-Target Applications (MTA) in your SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment for both standalone and managed approuter scenarios.


SAP Fiori for Android & iOS – Enrich your mobile experiences with cards, accessibility improvements and more

Our mobile design system and SDKs save developers time on building foundational controls so they can focus on key business functionality to meet end user needs. See what’s new in the SAP BTP SDK for Android 5.0 & iOS 8.0


Training and Tutorials

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) developer onboarding video tutorial series

Updated for 2022


Developing and extending SAP Fiori elements apps openSAP course


SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy openSAP course


Adapt UI for classic apps using SAP Screen Personas



Developer Events


Here are some of the UI-related sessions.
ABAP at Devtoberfest 2022
Testing UI5 Apps with wdi5 - Zero to Hero to Continuous Integration
Improving the Performance of UI5 Applications
Clean SAPUI5: More readable, maintainable and testable code
Outside the lines: SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model


SAP TechEd 2022

TechEd runs on November 15 and 16. Here are some of the sessions focused on application development.

DT 181 Boost Your Productivity In Developing SAP Fiori Apps With SAP Fiori Tools
SAP Fiori tools make it faster and easier to create SAP Fiori apps. Get hands-on experience on great efficiency features, such as the page editor to add and configure page content, guided answers to fast-track issue resolution, the mock server, and more. SAP Fiori tools support not only SAP Fiori elements, but also offer features to scale the creation of SAPUI5 custom apps and to leverage the flexible programming model available for the floorplans provided by SAP Fiori elements for OData V4.

DT281 Build and Extend Apps with the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model
Want to build modern, cloud-ready SAP Fiori apps on SAP S/4HANA or create ABAP-based side-by-side extensions on SAP Business Technology Platform? Then the ABAP RESTful application programming model is the right choice for you.

Here's a list of all the app dev sessions.




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