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We are happy to announce a major release of SAP Fiori Cloud for S/4HANA. With over 6,000 apps, SAP Fiori Cloud will offer content covering business roles across 13 lines of business and 30+ industries. This marks a major milestone to ease the adoption of SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA via Cloud services.

This means if you are running SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business Suite on premises, you can keep your core business systems on premises, while easily and seamlessly accessing the UI layer from the Cloud. That makes it incredibly easy to innovate quickly – and release any of the apps whenever you want – without impacting your on-premises release cycles.

Let me summarize the news for your and explain with this diagram:

  • Your SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business Suite back-end system stays on premises. You do not move any core business systems to the cloud - only the UI layer is served from the Cloud

  • You don’t need to upgrade or patch your Fiori / Portal landscape (Dev, TEST, PROD,…) any more. SAP runs the Fiori apps and launchpad in SAP Cloud Platform for you.

  • New functionality is available bi-weekly

  • You can leverage any of the 6,000+ SAP Fiori apps or develop your own custom apps

  • Leverage the best architecture for your company to ensure best security and performance (External Access Point or Internal Access Point)

  • SAP provides a preview environment, enabling you to preview and test new functionalities in advance

For a more technical look, read the SAP Fiori Cloud Blueprint.

Enable a modern, intuitive user experience for SAP business processes, SAP S/4HANA & SAP Business Suite, with minimized cost and effort

  • List of SAP S/4HANA apps in the cloud (planned to be updated by end of Q2/2019 with the new major release)

  • List of SAP Business Suite apps in the cloud



Provide access to SAP business processes from anywhere at anytime via a secured connectivity between on-premises to cloud

Combine SAP and non-SAP business processes with consistent UX


Simplify your on-premises landscape with efficient cloud services, enabling fast innovation cycles.


So, what are the big news here?

With this new release of SAP Fiori Cloud, we are delivering a major content release for SAP S/4HANA (on premise) 1709. This will include content across lines of business and roles, allowing customers to leverage SAP Fiori Cloud across their S/4HANA implementation

If I am already running SAP Fiori Cloud, can I leverage this new functionality?

Yes. All existing SAP Fiori Cloud customers can leverage this new release and implement SAP Fiori for their SAP S/4HANA systems.

On which data center is SAP Fiori Cloud available?

SAP Fiori Cloud is available on all SAP Cloud Platform (NEO) data centers. To benefit from the best performance, it is recommended to run your Fiori Cloud instance in the closest data center to your end users. A list of SAP data centers can be found here.

Where can I read and get more details about SAP Fiori Cloud? 

The best resources to read about SAP Fiori Cloud are: learning journey, blueprint, documentation.