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As a Senior (UX) Developer for Product Development at SAP Fieldglass, I believe in the Fiori Design System and guidelines. The UX consistency it provides between the SAP suite of products is unparalleled and unprecedented.

SAP Fieldglass x Fiori Design

Shortly after I started at SAP Fieldglass in mid-2017, SAP Design announced the latest iteration of their Design System, Fiori 3. We looked at our applications and determined what of the new design system we could implement to achieve maximum impact with the resources we had available.

As a team, we agreed to focus on the general page layout schematics ("floorplans"); a custom font, SAP's award-winning Font 72; and a new icon set.

In 2018, new designs began integrating floorplans, the Fiori 3 Quartz (now Quart Light) color palette and Fiori 3 icon set.  We began using the Fiori Fundamentals library to achieve consistent styling in our existing pages.

Shortly thereafter, in 2019, we introduced the "Fiori 3", now "Quartz Light", theme in our namesake application, Fieldglass. It quickly became a user favorite and is now our default theme.

We added Fiori Quartz-based High Contrast Black ("HCB"), Quartz Dark, and Company Branded themes to Fieldglass in the following releases.

Screenshots of each of the Fiori 3 themes in the Fieldglass application: Quartz Light (top-left), Quartz Dark (top-right), HCB (bottom-left), Company Branded (bottom-right).

Cut to November 2021 when SAP debuted their new design system, Fiori Horizon.

The Fiori Horizon look is fresh and bright. The layouts are open and airy, allowing the user to focus on what’s important on the page. The palettes are bold and bright. The components feel current. The SAP Design team outdid themselves with their special attention to interactions in regard to accessibility.

Introducing Fiori Horizon

Concept art for Fiori Horizon sent our team into creative overdrive. We went straight to work.

Our UX group put together a workshop to plan and outline goals, much like we did for Fiori 3 back in 2017. This time around, we found that the new design system included a shared language that we could use to communicate with each other, as well as other SAP groups.

Fiori Horizon offers an expansive icon set; brighter colors; bolder headers and usage of heavier Font 72 variants; and updated components styling.

Cheers to Horizon

SAP Fieldglass released the Morning Horizon theme in the May 2022 (22.05) release. After five years and six themes, I must admit, Morning Horizon is my favorite. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Please check it out in the Morning Horizon theme, available now in Fieldglass via our Shellbar Feature Switch (see video below) or on via the Account menu > My Preferences > Home Page and Application Settings.


Please use the Comments section below to ask questions or provide feedback on SAP Fieldglass's newest theme addition, Morning Horizon.  I'd love to hear from you!

To learn more about the Fundamentals library or the Fiori design system, please visit and follow their SAP Community pages. To see related posts on Fundamentals, use the Fundamentals tag in the SAP Community search page.

Be sure to follow me for similar content and more on the SAP Fieldglass Style journey.