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Last week, the second SAP + Esri sponsored innovation hackathon took place in São Paulo, Brazil! SAP and Esri have been strong partners for over 20 years. Our latest co-innovation efforts bring SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service as the first-ever database as a service that is fully supported by Esri ArcGIS technology. SAP and Esri organizations can now run SAP HANA as the underlying multi-model database service for the ArcGIS system of record either on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment.

The SAP + Esri Innovation Hackathon this year is designed to generate innovative and intelligent geospatial use cases by combining Esri’s ArcGIS and the capabilities of the SAP HANA service and SAP HANA spatial services. In addition, participants were able to experience other innovation technologies from SAP and Esri such as SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, SAP Analytics Cloud, Esri Arc GIS Enterprise, and Esri Insights for ArcGIS.

The hackathon took place at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) August 14-16 where customers, partners, and SAP Nextgen students utilized spatial insights and innovations to create cloud solutions that address business and sustainability challenges according to the UN sustainable development goals...all under 48 hours!

The Winning Solutions

The solutions were all judged on Relevancy, Innovation, UX and Presentation. We had judges from SAP, Esri, PUC-SP, and customer judge to evaluate. In the end, here are the results:

3rd Place - Team New Generation
Next-Gen Intelligent Agriculture

The solution developed by Team New Generation is to help farmers and investors choose the best farming location to increase productivity by effectively leveraging profit. It utilizes IoT, drones, and custom indices to detect precise locations for pests and increase crop health while reducing pesticide costs. In addition, the solution utilizes SAP HANA and SAP Conversational AI to give fertilization recommendations based on soil information derived from drone and satellite information which contains information such as PH, humidity, culture, climate and more.

2nd Place - Team LNC
Flood Risk Prediction

Team LNC built the solution that will allow governments to learn from the past, predict possible future floods and prepare communities the take the right action at the right time. The solution utilizes historical weather data, demographic data, regional risk data, and machine learning to prepare communities to take the necessary action. This reduces human and capital losses, infrastructure damage costs, and injury treatment costs. Future roadmap includes SAP Conversational AI and IoT sensors to achieve intelligent cities with situational awareness.

Winner - Team Prime
Modern Renewable Energy Generation

Where is the sun? Team Prime analyzed population, energy costs and land costs by regions against configuration price and type of power generation equipment using SAP HANA and Esri ArcGIS. The winning solution helps us identify areas with high energy generation potential and areas with high energy costs for each region. Organizations can use this information to better distribute energy supply and demand, leading to higher efficiency and lower costs.

Better Together: SAP + Esri

This hackathon really showcased the power of SAP and Esri solutions working together. Participants were able to not only driving existing businesses, enabling new business models, but ultimately improving human lives! Read our latest co-innovation efforts of SAP and Esri in our recent press release.

The innovation hackathons will continue in the Netherlands in October! For more information check out the events page: We're looking forward to seeing you there!