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This blog is for portal content administrators who would like to learn about the administration tasks required for enabling SAP Fiori Wave1 apps on Portal with already running SAP Fiori Launchpad experience (FLP on EP).


In only a few steps you can easily run the SAP Fiori Wave 1 apps within the SAP NetWeaver portal environment.

  Portal users can control Fiori Wave 1 apps on FLP on EP in the same way as the rest of applications already configured on FLP.




1)  1)   Using NW 7.31 SP12 or higher SP, NW 7.4 SP7 or higher SP

2)   Enable SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal, for instance like this:


3)  Fiori Wave1 apps implemented in customer’s landscape.

Required steps:


1)    (Optional) Create a Fiori1 role and a folder for Fiori1 apps in Portal content and add this role to an existing FLP on EP role.
In the example below:

  • FFP_Demo  is an FLP on EP role

  • Fiori1_apps is a role for Fiori1 apps with a folder below (folder should be marked as visible)

2Define a backend system for Fiori1 apps (Fiori gateway system in case of a separate one)



3)  Create an iView and assign it to a relevant role:


a) Navigate to Portal Applications -> -> UI5:

   b)   Copy UI5 template and  "Paste as PCD Object" to any location under Portal Content:


  c)    Add the created iView to the relevant role

  d)   Set the following view properties and save:



Property Name Property Value (example)
Relative Path for SAPUI5 Applications sap/bc/bsp/sap/ui5_hcm_ts_man/index.html
System KEG_Fiori
Mobile App Categories Fiori1
Object ID of Device Group *);



Launch in New Window Display in separate headerless portal window (standard mode)
SAPUI5 Icon sap-icon://time-entry-request
Hand Over Portal Stylesheet <to uncheck>
Name Time Sheet Entry

*) The value of this property should be one concatenated line.


The result:

Open  FLP on EP and go to Tile Catalog. The Fiori app Time Sheet Entry appears:

It can be assigned to "My Home" groups and become visible on a user’s home page:

To learn more about  FLP on EP:


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