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New content has been released for the User Experience section of the EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) Dashboard!

Several weeks ago we already extended the chart "Usable SAPUI5 Applications" with an additional default view about the number of used applications. You still have the option to switch to the legacy statistics regarding the number of configured apps by selecting 'Number of Activated Apps in the last 5 weeks' from the dropdown menu:

Alongside these enhancements, the chart now includes an additional button, providing you access to our new detail page where you can gain valuable insights into the UI5 Fiori apps in use.

The new page follows the familiar structure found in the 'OData Service Requests' or 'Transactions' detail pages:

The statistics for the selected apps in the table are represented as a line on the right side of the page. For each app, you can display the number of OData requests, the average OData request time, and the number of distinct users. You can easily switch between these three measured values in the line item chart using the dropdown field.

You can utilize the filters in the page header to narrow down the list of displayed apps. It's important to note that the current 'SAP Standard Business Role' filter includes standard business roles through which SAP standard apps are distributed, rather than customer-specific roles. We are in the process of replacing this filter with a more appropriate custom role filter.

The 'Application Name' and 'Fiori ID' columns are equipped with clickable links. Clicking on the 'Fiori ID' will direct you to its corresponding entry in the Fiori Apps Reference Library. On the other hand, clicking on the application name will open a pop-up window containing supplementary details such as its Application Component, ICF Service, and SAP Standard Business Role.

Clicking the 'OData Service Details' link will open the 'OData Service Requests' detail page, where you will find specific details related to the selected app.


IMPORTANT for SAP on-Premise and SAP S/4HANA private cloud systems:

    • The accuracy of the statistics displayed on the page improves as your ST-PI and ST-A/PI versions increase.
    • We strongly recommend applying the latest version of SAP Note 2603238.

    • If the metric for the number of distinct users is missing, then check in the chapter "Service Preparation Check (RTCCTOOL)" of the latest SAP EarlyWatch Alert Report if the usage of Online Data Collectors is allowed. Setting the permission for this type of collector is explained in SAP note 69455 .

IMPORTANT for all system types including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud:

    • As some applications utilize the same OData service and ICF service, it may not always be possible to identify app usage with complete precision. To address this, we have introduced aliases for such apps. For example, several non-identifiable Smart Business (KPI) apps have been designated as 'Smart Business Runtime App'. Please refer to SAP KBA 3441199.