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You are setting up SAP E-Mobility the first time and would like to create the charging user via file upload.  The following blog post contains the tips and tricks to consider in order to successfully create all the charging user.

How to mass upload authorized charging user lists into the SAP E-Mobility solution successfully?

Content is based on Feb 10th 2022.

Your user list contains 50-100 authorized users to be authorized for EV charging in your solution.



    • SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) has been set up w/ SAP E-Mobility

    • We assume only 1 subaccount has been created for SAP E-Mobility application

  • Your user has sufficient authorizations on the E-Mobility SAP BTP subaccount to create the badges:

    • Create a new role collection. In the example the new role collection is called EMSP. Please see the screenshot. The role collection needs to include the roles EmspBadgeAdmin, EmspBadgeRead, EmspCDRCreate, EmspManager, EmspRealtimeAuth

    • Assign EMSP role collection to your userID in the SAP E-Mobility subaccount

    • You can confirm you can successfully create a userID's manually in the SAP E-Mobility application and therefore have no authorization issues.

  • If the SAP Concur integration is used, all the charging stations need to be created prior the upload, as the upload files references the charging stations


Upload File creation

Create your csv upload file. The CSV file can be created in Microsoft Excel or via text editor.

The upload file structure is as follows must be as follows:

  • 1. Authentication ID   w/ technical name: auth_id* and field length up to 20 NUMC

  • 2. Visual Badge ID   w/ technical name: visual_number* and field length up to 100 NUMC

  • 3. Description   w/ technical name: description and field length up to 100 NUMC

  • 4. UserID   w/ technical name: user_id* and field length of 20 NUMC

  • 5. User Email   w/ technical name: user_email* and field length of 20 NUMC

  • 6. User First Name   w/ technical name: user_name* and field length up to 100 NUMC

  • 7. User Last Name   w/ technical name: user_surname* and field length up to 100 NUMC

  • 8. SAP Concur User Login w/ technical name: concur_user_id***

  • 9. Status   w/ technical ID: active* 

  • 10. EVSE    w/ technical ID: reimburst_evse_uid***

All the '*' fields are mandatory fields.

All the '***' fields bundled but not mandatory fields,  meaning they must both be populated or should be blank together. If you populate field  #8 from previous list, you must populate #10.

Leading zeros' on the input fields for the badge:  If the fields #1, #2 or #4 contain leading zeros, no special formatting is required.

The header of the upload file must contain the technical names.  The header line cannot be deleted and must be the first line of the upload file.  While renaming of the header fields will cause issues with the upload, a change in sequence is possible.

Here is the header line for your upload file.

  • auth_id,visual_number,description,user_id,user_name,user_surname,user_email,concur_user_id,active,reimburst_evse_uid

  • All columns of the upload file are comma separated. Spaces before and after the field content will cause the upload to fail, as they are recognized as characters.

  • Column content 'active' can only contain lower case letters with the values 'true' or 'false'

Please note,  the instructions in the orange box of the screenshot


Review your upload file in a word editor 

Here is an example of a successful upload file:

  • header line contained in the upload file, separated w/ comma

  • All 3 badges for Max I, Max II and Max III can be loaded

  • field contents can be wrapped in " " for the ease of reading the file but don't need to be.

Here is an example of an upload file w/ errors.

  • Please remove the additional empty lines, otherwise they will be seen as errors.

SAP Concur User Logic

as of last week the field SAP Concur ID has been renamed to SAP Concur Login ID.  Now you can either use the Concur GUID for the User or the Concur Login ID in combination w/ the EVSE ID for the charge @ home scenario.

Save the file as csv file:

Last Step:

Log on to the SAP E-Mobility solution to upload the file. The upload function does work for adding new records. Existing Badge records will not be overwritten and you will be getting an error:


Goto Menu --> Badges and on the right hand side of the screen select the 'Import' button



You will get a message, select the file and confirm w/ 'Import'  to proceed.

Success - All 3 badges have been created.


Potential issues and troubleshooting

  • If you are facing 'Schema validation failures', please note down how many badges were created. You should load the same file again at a later time.  If it is a system issue, the existing badges will not be created and missing badges will be added.  Make sure manually you can create a badge. If you are successful, try uploading the same file again.

  • You want start on a clean slate, you can use selective deletion for a few badges or delete all badges before you upload the corrected file. The deletion will need to be done in increments of 100's.

  • It is recommended to logon/logoff from the application, to ensure the cache will not interfere.

  • There is no upper limit to the number of badges that can be contained in the csv loadfile.


Hopefully you benefit from the blog post and Good Luck in the field loading the authorized ID's!



Please stay in touch and provide feedback. What other topics do you want to discuss about SAP E-Mobility?

Please use this Q&A tag link on SAP Community:



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