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This blog post is part of a series of blogs I published about @sap/datasphere-cli. Find all blog posts related to this topic in my overview blog post here.

The Node.js-based Command-Line Interface (CLI) for SAP Datasphere, @sap/datasphere-cli hosted on, allows you to interact with your SAP Datasphere tenant from the terminal or command line. Since version 2023.14 the CLI has been renamed to @sap/datasphere-cli.


Picture 1 - Announcement of SAP Datasphere

With the announcement and availability of SAP Datasphere earlier this year, the command-line interface for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (CLI), @Sap/dwc-cli, is also available under a new name: @Sap/datasphere-cli! 🎉

How does it work?

Take a deep breath and relax - no big changes to expect! Fortunately, the only thing that changes is the name - from dwc to datasphere. Wherever you used the term dwc before, on the command line/your terminal or in your code, you simply replace the term dwc with the term datasphere. Everything else stays the same, such as all the commands, option names, inputs, and outputs ...

So, dwc login becomes datasphere login, dwc spaces create becomes datasphere spaces create, and so forth.

The old module @Sap/dwc-cli will be maintained until the end of 2023 in parallel with@Sap/datasphere-cli. You can continue to use @Sap/dwc-cli without issues until then, both modules will receive updates and patches as needed. However, the earlier you start using @Sap/datasphere-cli, the better!

Picture 2 - Deprecation notice for @Sap/dwc-cli

When you use @Sap/datasphere-cli version 2023.13 or higher, a warning is issued with every command you run, reminding you of switching to @Sap/datasphere-cli as soon as possible.

Picture 3 - Warning to switch to @Sap/datasphere-cli when using @Sap/dwc-cli

Where to get it?

You can get @Sap/datasphere-cli on The installation process is exactly the same as before, just replace @Sap/dwc-cli with@Sap/datasphere-cli.
$ npm install @sap/datasphere-cli

Code Sample 1 - Install @Sap/datasphere-cli

What about older blogs?

All the information you can find around @Sap/dwc-cli in other blogs on which are listed in my overview blog @sap/dwc-cli: Command-Line Interface for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Overview can be applied the same way to @Sap/datasphere-cli. The only thing you have to watch out for is to use the right name - just replace dwc with datasphere in all the code samples I posted in the various blogs.


Close to the end of 2023 you will hear back from us with a more concrete date when to expect the final decommissioning of @Sap/dwc-cli from Watch out for more news!

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts, ideas, and comments on this tool and what you think would be a nice-to-have enhancement to the CLI, making your life and work with SAP Datasphere easier. Let me know in the comments!

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