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Hi everyone, 

In this blog post, we’ll explain the new improvements to the distribution processes for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, outbound invoicing option for Brazil. 

A banner with a mail, the text on the banner includes: SAP Document and Reporting Compliance: Improvements in Distribution Bounce and Mail Solutions.

As we detailed on a previous blog post, the Distribution Bounce service sends e-mail messages with XML documents. A new and improved mail solution, now searches for invalid e-mail addresses. The invalid e-mails addresses can be temporarily or permanently blocked by the solution. The system displays a detailed message in the “E-mail History Log” column in the NF-e/CT-e Monitor.

This new feature also searches for e-mails with temporary errors, as for example when the mailbox is full and because of that e-mails cannot be delivered. In such cases, the mail solution makes three attempts to resend the email, and if the e-mail cannot be sent, you receive a response in the NF-e/CT-e Monitor after the third attempt.  

Once the system has made the third attempt and the e-mail still hasn’t been sent, that message is returned to the business system and the e-mail address is temporarily blocked. If the original error is not corrected, the e-mail address will subsequently be blocked for increasingly long periods of time, until the address is permanently blocked.

If the e-mail address is permanently blocked, you must correct the error and then open an incident ticket to remove the e-mail from the blocked list. Finally, the system can send e-mail messages. 

To enable this improved feature, implement the following SAP Notes:

3146910  – Outbound NF-e: Prerequisite Objects for SAP Note 3147022  

3147022 – Outbound NF-e: Distribution Bounce.


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