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In this blog post, you’ll find the new process in the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, outbound invoicing option for Brazil to request an extemporaneous cancellation for an NF-e document approved in SEFAZ virtual contingency (SVC) system.

If you need to request an extemporaneous cancellation of an NF-e that has been approved in the SVC system, note that in some regions of Brazil, you need to send the NF-e cancellation request to the regional SEFAZ. 

Consider the following scenario as an example: 

Your NF-e has been approved in the SVC system and you need to request an extemporaneous cancellation. You are in Minas Gerais, so you need to send the cancellation of the NF-e to the regional SEFAZ. 

Then, for the outbound invoicing option, there is a new way for you to request the extemporaneous cancellation for NF-es approved in the SVC system. Check the process below:

1. Access the Define Cancellation Reasons customizing activity, under SAP Customizing Implementation Guide> Cross-Application Components > General Application Functions > Document and Reporting Compliance > Country/Region-Specific Settings > Brazil > Electronic Document Processing > Outbound.

2. In the Reason for Cancellation/Skipping screen, create the cancellation reason and activate the Send extemporaneous cancellation to regional SEFAZ checkbox to send the extemporaneous cancellation to the regional SEFAZ, as follows in the screenshot below.

Reason for Cancellation/Skipping view screen

3. In the NF-e/CT-e Monitor (J1BNFE), request the NF-e document cancellation and select the cancellation reason that youve created before. 
You can check in which documents you’ve activated the Regional SEFAZ checkbox  
Check an example in the screenshot below.

Reason for Cancellation or Skipping view screen

You can implement the following SAP Notes: 

SAP Note 3350543  

SAP Note 3350544 

Related link: to access the Define Cancellation Reasons view, check on Setting Up the Electronic Documents Framework for Brazil Outbound



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Juliana Jarotzky