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Hi everyone,

The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, inbound invoicing option for Brazil team has released the new Brazil Event process. This update centralizes the management of all the events related to electronic documents for Brazil.

Now, in the eDocument Cockpit (EDOC_COCKPIT) transaction, you can manage the events from different fiscal documents (NF-e, CT-e, and CT-e OS) in the same place. You can also check the main information from each event, open its XML file, and link the event to its source document. All events can be received in the eDocument Cockpit, and it is possible to download all permitted events from the Manifestação Web Service.

Event Process for Brazil

To implement these updates, follow the instructions in the following SAP Notes.

In addition to the new process, the Define Event Type and Description (EDOBREVTDESCV) view, the Activate Events Configuration (EDOC_BR_MNG_NFE_EVT) transaction, and the Activate Events Configuration (EDOC_BR_MNG_CTE_EVT) transaction were created.

For a step-by-step guide to customize and use the Event process, refer to the following SAP Help Portal pages:

For information about the connection to the SAP Business Technology Platform, check the following SAP Help Portal pages:

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