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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Presenting even more content and a crisp new name, the SAP Discovery Center brings top content and support into one location for Business Technology Platform use case inspiration and implementation. It reduces time spent on search and accelerates the innovation journey. To increase the ease-of-use and revamp the look, the Discovery Center now has a whole new vibe.

Discovery Center homepage after logon

We Redecorated

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting the homepage is the new look and feel. We haven’t only deepened the richness of the blue color hue; we’ve enriched the content included after logon. You will see your personalized workspace, customer stories, and featured content.

For a more consolidated and cleaner look, the mission overview page has been renovated and embedded into its own tab. You are free to view the project board before starting a mission – allowing you to see the guided steps to realize your use case.

Mission overview page

Mission project board

Consolidated Conversations

The Discovery Center has several opportunities for collaboration and support. Whether you are connecting with experts, reaching out to the Community, or conversing with your team members on a particular mission task card, you can view all conversations in the ‘Support’ tab. Your messages will display as neatly threaded conversations.

Conversations within Support tab

Breadcrumb Navigation

While inside the Mission Catalog, you might notice that we have removed the navigation bar from the left panel. All content is now even more accessible via the new breadcrumb trail at the top.

Breadcrumb navigation

Improved Search and Sort

In our last update, we tied in relevant customer stories to missions. With that enhancement in place, you can now simply search for customer names, and view their related successes. Similarly, customer names are featured on the mission catalog cards, as well as the mission overview pages.

Mission catalog cards featuring customer names

In the catalog, on the left, we now display mission categories, which allow you to sort your results based on several groups. In addition to these categories, you can also filter use cases based on a product – ‘SAP Analytics Cloud’ for example.

Mission categories

Product filter

The Service Catalog features the same ‘Categories’ update and additionally, includes a ‘Download’ catalog option.

Download catalog feature

Request a Quote

Once you’ve found your use case, you will of course be interested in the related costs. Our integrated estimator allows you to easily request a quote. As long as you are logged in, your contact data and any necessary information will be prefilled.

Quote request

New Missions

We are dedicated to expanding our mission catalog with new additions all the time. Here are a few hand-selected missions you should be sure to check out.

Get Started with Integration Suite – Cloud Integration
Get started with the Cloud Integration capability of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Begin with the basics of account management in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, subscribe to Process Integration service, and provision a Cloud Integration tenant. You will then create an integration flow and use it to perform a smoke test on your tenant.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation – Sales Order Creation
SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is a platform to build, orchestrate and monitor process automation bots. Automate repetitive manual processes by creating, scheduling, managing, and monitoring intelligent bots. With SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services, you can redirect resources toward high-value activities and processes.

Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud
Get started with SAP Analytics Cloud learning mission and experience the future of decision making backed by data. The objective of this learning mission is to help you understand the fundamental components, setup and creating a proof of concept with and around SAP Analytics Cloud.

Empower Your Users by Building a Missing SAP Fiori App
Fragmented sources for delivering business applications makes it difficult to provide the right content to the right users. Especially with integrated single sign-on capabilities. In addition, adopting the latest development capabilities for your deployment environment, as well as runtime and design-time tools is an ongoing challenge. Solve these challenges by building an SAP Fiori business application and deploy it to your SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry environment.

Extend SAP SuccessFactors on SAP Cloud Platform
You are using SAP SuccessFactors and you need to add a custom User Interface or feature related to your business case. One which goes beyond the built-in customization capabilities of the system. Good news! You can supplement SAP SuccessFactors with your business-specific functionality by developing cloud-native extension applications on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Discovery Center @ TechEd 2020

See these enhancements and learn how quickly you can start your innovations in our upcoming TechEd Session!