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Developer Advocate

Please note that this challenge is closed. The deadline for receiving a badge upon successful completion has passed. Check out this new challenge for the month of August.

We have a new SAP Developer Challenge for you for the month of July. This time it is about the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. Read on for all the details.

SAP Developer Challenges are all about having fun, trying new things, and learning along the way. For this particular challenge we invite you to embark on your journey with the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model - or CAP for short. We will have one weekly (sub)challenge for 4 weeks (see the schedule below).

What is CAP?

CAP is an opinionated, yet open framework of tools, languages and libraries to efficiently build enterprise-grade services and applications. It guides developers along a golden path of proven best practices, while minimizing boilerplate so they can focus on their domain problems at hand. The framework features a mix of broadly adopted open source and SAP tools and technologies.

CAP is available in two flavours: Node.js and Java. This makes it very easy to get started with as the setup and skills required are nothing specific to CAP - a lot of developers already know these languages and can start building enterprise grade services and applications right away.

For this challenge we are going to focus on the Node.js flavour of CAP, as the starter project we have prepared is Node.js based - but you can of course use Java instead, if you like. In this case, check the CAP documentation on how to get started with CAP Java.

The Challenge

The Challenge for this month is to build a CAP service that tracks golf rounds. Yes, you read that right - golf rounds ️🏌🏽‍♀️. This is a completely artificial scenario that we made up, but it lends itself pretty well to practice a few basic CAP features, such as

  • domain modeling with compositions/associations,

  • custom logic with event handlers

  • service integration

In case you don't know anything about golf, don't worry. We will provide you with the basics that you need to know to complete each week's challenge.

The Schedule

Speaking of the weekly challenges, these are the topics we will cover in the 4 weeks. Click on the respective week to get all the details:

How To Participate

We want to make it easy a possible for you to participate in this challenge, which is why we set up a simple CodeSandbox for the week 1 challenge. Head over to there for all the details (and for the link to the CodeSandbox).

Participating in the challenge means completing the assignment of a weekly challenge and posting a screen shot of your result in the respective thread (see the schedule above).


Upon successful completion of all 4 weekly challenges, the below badge will be issued for you SAP Community profile. Even if you don't make it on time in the corresponding weeks, you have time to catch up with the weekly challenges until the end of the 4th week.


Good luck and happy learning!