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This fall season there has been a flurry of activity involving SAP product experts, partners and customers around the topic of Mobile solutions for Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service. As we officially welcome Winter later this month, you can access updated information, product launch details, and recorded replays of webinars from the comfort of your warm office and or home. I suggest warming up a cup of your favourite winter drink, such as hot cocoa or apple cider, and use the following resources to catch up and plan for your 2015 plans to transform your enterprise asset management and field services practices.

SAP Deliver 's New Workforce Mobile Apps Running on SAP® Mobile Platform

In October at the DSAG conference, being held October 14-16 in Leipzig, Germany, SAP announced plans to release new versions of the SAP® Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and SAP Field Service mobile app leveraging the Maximo® back end, to help workforce customers simplify their mobile business. The planned continual investment in these industry-specific solutions demonstrates the strategic relevance and future for SAP EAM and SAP Field Service. This announcement was made at the . Full newsbyte available here.

manju.venkatesha has posted detailed information about the new relerases, use the links below to learn more about these apps running on SAP Mobile Platform.

SAP Work Manager 6.2

SAP CRM Service Manager 4.2

SAP Inventory Manager 4.1

SAP Work Manager for Maximo 8.0.0

SAP Inventory Manager for Maximo 8.0.0

(more coming soon...)

In addition to these mobile apps, the SAP Mobile team  has released two Augmented Reality apps: SAP AR Service Technician (extension for the SAP Work Manager mobile app) and SAP AR Warehouse Picker.

The SAP AR apps that are now generally available are SAP AR Warehouse Picker and SAP AR Service Technician. Here are some handy resources to learn more about these innovative solutions. For more information about these apps and SAP Augmented Reality solutions for the Enterprise visit

SAP AR Warehouse Picker

SAP AR Service Technician

Product Brochure

Product Brochure

Customer Webinar: Air Liquide - Empowering Field Service Through Mobility

To run smarter, asset-intensive companies must implement bold strategies to take production and service to the next levels. Mobile and GIS solutions offer unlimited potential to transform maintenance operations. For over a decade, paper work orders have been a thing of the past to nearly 100 Air Liquide field service workers. You can access a replay of the educational Webinar and hear from SAP Mobile EAM expert Brian Nelow and Corey King from Air Liquide discuss the evolution of SAP mobile solutions for Maximo and how Air Liquide is using mobile apps to gain a competitive advantage.

Link to Slides & Replay

ASUG Take Enterprise Asset Management Where It Matters Most with Mobile Webinar Series

The SAP Mobile EAM group teamed up with ASUG to produce the Take Enterprise Asset Management Where It Matters Most with Mobile - ASUG Webcast Series. The information shared by SAP Mobile EAM product experts and customer will enable you to understand how to use mobile technology, including the latest devices and wearables, to drive innovation in your enterprise asset management and field service operations.

Here is a summary of the four part series with links to speakers, slides and replays.

SAP Mobile Enterprise Asset
Management (EAM)
Today, Roadmap and Future
Untether Field Workers with
Augmented Reality
Mobile EAM Customer Spotlight:
Marathon Oil & Aquarion Water
Plan now for the Future of

Mobile EAM

Field workers and maintenance technicians are always on the move. They require real-time access to information about assets, inventory and work orders in dynamic environments. Asset intensive industry leaders are looking to mobile and other innovative technologies for process improvement and execution, enhanced safety and compliance, and real-time collaboration among operations, maintenance, logistics, service and support. Attend this webinar with Patrick Flaherty, SAP Mobile Field Service & EAM Expert to learn about SAP’s current solutions, roadmap and future of mobile EAM.

Link to Slides & Replay

The opportunity to untether field workers is here. With augmented reality, field service technicians are enabled with a “hands free” experience through visual enterprise models, gesture or touch events, voice recognition and remote expert calling to perform their tasks and operations. Attend this webinar with SAP Augmented Reality Experts to learn what Augmented Reality is all about, SAP’s current solutions for field workers, and customer use cases and co-innovation stories.

Link to Slides & Replay

Over 600 customers around the globe have deployed Mobile EAM solutions from SAP to streamline asset management and realize dramatic operational efficiencies in the workplace. According to SAP Performance Benchmarking and Customer Reference studies, mobile EAM customers have increased labor productivity by up to 50% and reduced production down-time and delays by as much as 30%. Attend this Mobile EAM Customer Spotlight session to learn about real SAP Mobile EAM customer deployments and best practices.

Link to Slides & Replay

Mobile solutions have already changed how people work and assets are managed to drive operational excellence. The next generation of mobile technologies including devices, wearables, and augmented reality will create opportunities to increase asset performance and reliability. Attend this session with Erik Schrampf, Mobile Solution Management for EAM/Field Service (Syclo) Mobile Apps, to learn about the future of Mobile EAM including product roadmaps and customer co- innovation plans.

Link to Slides & Replay

Speakers: patrick.flaherty,


Speakers: pascal.lessard,



carolyn.fitton, SAP

Jason Moore, Marathon Oil

Sarina Miller, Marathon Oil

John Pondiccio, Aquarion Water Company

Speakers: erik.schrampf, carolyn.fitton

Innovation Examples from 2014 Fall SAP TechEd && d-code Events

SAP Mobile EAM experts shared innovative examples of how to extend SAP Work Manager from a mobile experience into a contextually aware and augmented reality experience. Check out these replay videos to learn more.

The Future of Field Workers: SAP Work Manager with iBeaconsUntether Field Workers with SAP AR Service Technician
Field workers operate in dynamic environments with many assets that have specific maintenance requirements and detailed life histories. Using opensource technology such as iBeacons, workers can benefit from real-time updates to optimize asset performance. In this interview carolyn.fitton, SAP TechEd && d-code Reporter, and jonathan.zufi, SAP Director of the Mobile Innovation Center, walk through a concept app, SAP Work Manager with iBeacons.Field workers require hands free technology to properly maintain assets. Using Augmented Reality solutions this requirement can be met. In this interview, carolyn.fitton, SAP TechEd && d-code Reporter, experiences SAP AR Service Technician, an AR extension of the SAP Work Manager mobile app, with pascal.lessard, SAP Product Manager through smart glasses.
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