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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Another month has almost passed very quickly 🚀 and we delivered not only great new features, but also updated several guidance documents, and like always there are lots of excellent blogs in the community in September 2023 for SAP Datasphere.


What’s New in Q3 2023 🚀

We will run our Q3 What’s New in SAP Datasphere session on October 24th, 2023. Join us for the session and ask the product experts in the Q&A section live during the session.

👉 Sign up now or watch the recording afterwards


Updated Guidance Documents 📖

There are updates on two important guidance documents around SAP Datasphere.

We have updated the Statement of Direction document for SAP Business Warehouse, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Datasphere.

The new version of the First Guidance document for SAP Datasphere covering Development Guidelines and Naming Conventions on our best practice and troubleshooting page is now available with the following updates:

  • New: Landscape Chapter added

  • Update: Spaces chapter updated added new SAP BW bridge section

  • Update: Major updates in the data modeling chapter, especially the layered modelling

  • New: Performance Root Cause Analysis for Data Flows


My Top Features in September🔝

September 2023 covered two new releases for SAP Datasphere with 2023.19 and 2023.20.
Here are my top 3️⃣:

➡️ Transformation Flows

You can now create transformation flows to load data from one or more source tables, apply transformations (e.g. a join or a union), and output the result in a target table. You can load a full set of data from one or more source tables to a target table. You can also load delta changes (including deleted records) from one source table to a target table. More information.

➡️ Delta Tables

When creating a local table, you can enable the new setting Delta Capture to track later changes in your local table. Local tables can be reused as source or target objects in many SAP Datasphere objects. More information.

➡️ Package Modeling Objects

Users with the DW Space Administrator role can create packages to model groups of related objects for transport between tenants. Modelers can add tables, views, ER models, and analytic models to packages. Once a package is complete and validated, the space administrator can export it to the Content Network. The structure of your package is preserved and, as the objects it contains evolve, you can easily export updated versions of it. More information.

Sneak peak to the new home screen coming in October 👀

In October you will see an update to the SAP Datasphere home screen coming with release 2023.21

New SAP Datasphere home screen


Release Navigator for SAP BTP 🧭

Your one-stop-shop to access helpful, openly available resources relating to feature updates for SAP BTP. There are both general resources that apply to all of SAP BTP as well as resources specific to SAP BTP products and services like SAP Datasphere.

Learn more in Chris Kollhed’s blog post in the SAP Community:


My top blogs in September 🔝

There are so many great blogs in September again.
Here are my top 3️⃣:

➡️ Delta loading in SAP Datasphere based on the ABAP CDS view
Very insightful blog from Adem Güler about delta loading from ABAP CDS views.

➡️ Preliminary Information SAP Datasphere – Scoped Roles
heiko.schneider gives an outlook on new major changes in the roles and authorizations planned for Q4 2023. The blog includes links to two detailed videos which help to better understand the concept and functionality.

➡️ Entity Relationship Model in SAP Datasphere: Beginner Overview
This is more a beginner blog but very nicely describing the capabilities of the Entity Relationship Model in SAP Datasphere by Chandru S.


Join Our SAP BW Modernization Webinar Series 🚀

Our SAP BW Modernization Webinar Series has already started mid-September and continues through October and November. Recordings of past sessions are available.

  • Session 1: Modernizing SAP Business Warehouse, Explore Your Options

  • Session 2: Preparation for Modernization – Your Source System

  • Session 3: Using SAP Tooling for a Smooth Transition

  • Session 4: Size Matters for The Cloud

  • Session 5: Preparation for Modernization – Your Target System

  • Session 6: A Deep Dive on Transition Approaches

  • Session 7: Working with SAP Business Warehouse Elements in SAP Datasphere

More details in this blog.

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Blogs for our Japanese Community 🎌


More blogs to check out 👇


Find more information and related blog posts on the topic page for SAP Datasphere. You will find further product information on our Community with various subpages about Getting StartedBusiness Content, the SAP BW Bridge as well as content for Best Practices & Troubleshooting and the FAQ for SAP Datasphere.