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SAP offers a wide range of database migration services to help optimize your use of SAP technology. Our portfolio of tools, resources, and fast-track programs supports your ability to move your legacy or non-SAP technologies to an SAP software landscape.

Businesses have been migrating to SAP HANA to lower license costs, reduce operating and maintenance costs and build a unified data management structure to enable innovation. However, migrating a database comes with unique challenges in addition to the opportunities.To capture and understand these migration paths better, SAP has teamed up with SAPInsider to conduct a survey to uncover trends in approaches and best practices that can help all our customers in their migration journeys.

Still, we see that the top three main factors that are preventing enterprises from database migration are cost, complexity, and risk.

Database migration can beexpensive. There could be unforeseen complications that come across during the migration which may require additional cost such as overtime work and lease overlap.

A combination of any of the following factors can make the process complex to migrate: large databases in terms of database size in terabytes, databases with business logic embedded in a large number of stored programs, large number of application client programs/interfaces with embedded SQLs, and lack of documentation/use cases for post migration testing.

Depending on the complexity of the customers application and database, the process of database migration can take several months. However, being aware of the common challenges that could potentially derail the project will increase the likelihood of achieving a smooth transition to the new system and make your migration successful.

No matter what your migration path – SAP application, non-SAP application, data warehouse migration – we want to hear your story.  What steps are you taking to migrate to SAP HANA? We encourage all team members that have been involved in your migration process to share their feedback. Please take four minutes of your time to complete this brief survey and help provide us with valuable insights.

Survey Introduction:
Please help us uncover more about your migration journey to SAP HANA by participating in this SAPInsider survey.

Don’t forget to include your contact information at the end of this survey to be entered to win a pass to SAPinsider BI & HANA 2019 in Las Vegas($2399 value).