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New or changed features are available for administration:

Data Access Control Enhancements

You can now open the Impact and Lineage Analysis dialog directly from the data access control start page or editor to understand the data entities on which your data access control depends (its lineage) and the objects that apply it (its impacts).

For more information, see Data Access Controls.

Tenant Link Configuration

You can link your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant to enable the product switch.

For more information, see Link Your Tenants.

System Administration Changes

You can now perform administration tasks directly in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, for which you previously had to use the product switch and go to the Analytics administration. In the side navigation area of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can find all system administration tasks under (System). Administration provides all system administration tasks that previously were available in Analytics only, and Configuration provides system administration tasks that have been available in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud before. Also, the About dialog moved under (System).

For more information, see Performing System Administration Tasks.

Data Integration

New or changed features are available for data integration:

Filtering Connection List

When your space contains a large list of connections in Space Management, filtering helps you to find the connections you're looking for. You can use the same filter categories and values in the connection list as in the creation wizard.

For more information, see Filter Connection List.

Data Modeling

New or changed features are available for the data layer:

Data Preview Enhancements

The Data Preview panel can now filter or sort on all the data contained or output by the object and the results are limited to the first 1,000 lines. In addition, a (More) menu is now visible when you hover over a column header to indicate the availability of filters and sorting, and any currently applied filters are displayed above the table.

For more information, see Previewing Data.


The following general changes are available:

You can now see a banner pointing you to information about new features when you open SAP Data Warehouse Cloud the first time after a new version has been deployed on your tenant. You can open the What's New at any time from the Home screen by clicking   (Help), switching on Toggle In-App Help, and then clicking  ( What's New) in the help panel.

Modeling - Data Layer


The Business Catalog is removed and replaced by the Explorer, which provides a view of all your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud objects in all the spaces to which you have access. You can search and filter the list, open or otherwise act on existing objects, and create new objects.

For more information, see Explorer.

Data Preview

The Data Preview panel is now more responsive when previewing larger tables and views. The preview shows only twenty columns by default, and the new Column Settings dialog lets you show, hide, and reorder columns.

For more information, see Previewing Data.

Modeling - Business Layer

Copy Properties of Data Entities

When you create a business entity, you can choose which properties you want to copy from the source. You can copy attributes, measures, and key definitions.

Data Integration

Data Flow Monitoring

The monitoring view of a data flow run now includes information about pre-validation steps, connection configuration settings applied at runtime as well as extended error details. You can use this information to troubleshoot data flows or forward these details to SAP Support for further analysis.

For more information, see Monitoring Data Flows.

Space Management

Improved Space Deletion Process

It can happen to the best of us. You wanted to delete a connection, but instead, you deleted a space with all its connections and data and there's no going back from there. We've now improved the confirmation message so that it's crystal clear what exactly is going to be deleted. A second confirmation assures that the chances of deleting a space by accident are now close to zero.

Data Integration

Connection Type for Microsoft Azure SQL Database

With a new connection type, you can now connect to Microsoft Azure SQL databases for remote data access and data replication. The connection type supports view building and remote tables as well as data flows.

For more information, see Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Simplified connectivity to SAP HANA Cloud

Connection type SAP HANA introduces native connectivity to remote SAP HANA Cloud instances. You don’t need to set up a Data Provisioning Agent-based connection anymore but can directly connect to your SAP HANA Cloud instance.

For more information, see SAP HANA.

Improved Connection Editing

We fixed an issue in connection editing. You can now only change values for properties that are allowed to be changed depending on the real-time replication status of the connection.

For more information, see Change Connection Properties.