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I’m back with news about new features in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud! The second quarter has been a busy one for development, so it was something of a challenge to decide which of the many new features we should focus on. Here is our selection of the highlights:

  • what's new information in the system

  • the Repository Explorer

  • enhancements in the Data Builder and the Business Builder

  • partitioning

  • the integration of SAP HANA monitoring views and the SAP HANA Cockpit

  • new connection type: Open Connectors


What's New Information in the System

We have integrated the what’s new information directly into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Find out more about this in my recent blog post:

The Repository Explorer

Do you need an overview of all your objects? The Repository Explorer, the replacement for the Business Catalog, provides you with access to all of your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud objects across all the spaces that you are a member of.

Enhancements in the Data Builder and the Business Builder

Are you a modeler and have been hoping for the introduction of more advanced modeling functions? We may have just what you have been waiting for:

  • a new data editor for local tables

  • geo enrichment

  • text associations

  • external hierarchies

  • input parameters


Replication capabilities depend on the data type and size. Larger data volumes can cause replication runs to terminate because of memory shortage. In the Remote Table Monitor, you can create partitions on columns from your dataset and break your data down into smaller and more manageable parts.

The Integration of SAP HANA Monitoring Views and the SAP HANA Cockpit

Good news for administrators: To monitor resource consumption, such as your database's memory or CPU consumption, you can make SAP HANA monitoring views available in a space.  You can also now connect to SAP HANA Cockpit to perform advanced analysis and monitoring.

New Connection Type: Open Connectors

With this connection type, you can leverage the broad SAP Open Connectors connectivity available from SAP Business Technology Platform directly within your space. Make use of the connectors for rapit connection to third-party cloud applications that are not supported by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with own dedicated connection types.

If you would like to have an overview of all the features that have been released, read the what’s new information on the Help Portal:

Alternatively,  please feel free to watch the video detailing the highlights of Q2 2021 (including demos):