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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) is designed for LoB Users for quick enhancment of their existing Corporate Data Warehouse wether this is a SAP or non-SAP based solution. Another use case is quick and easily Data Warehouse prototyping.

With regards to prototyping a CSV File is maybe the No. 1 Data- source. For that reason this Blog shows you how easy it is to upload a CSV file.


Document Version 0.2
Document Date 30.01.2020
DWC Version 2020.2.6


In order to follow this Blog you need the following prerequisites fulfilled:

  1. You have a DWC Tenant

  2. You have your own Space

  3. You have a sample CSV File

Importing a CSV File

Here you can see how to proceed in order to import a CSV File.

  1. Log- On to your DWC Tenant

  2. Hit the Data Builder

  3. Select your SpaceOur`s is called Presales_CVS. 

If you don`t see any Space, you need to create one. In that case hit the Back Button on the Top- Left (Not the one from your Browser) and click on the Create Spaces Button.

If you don`t see that Button, or you get an error, you may miss some permissions. In that case please contact your DWC Tenant administrator.

4. Now hit the Import CSV File button

5. Now navigate to your CSV File and hit the Import button

6. At this point in time we reach the CSV File Editor. Here we can manipulate our Data. For example we can edit the Table Name (1), we can change the Delimiter (2), we can manipulate the Row Header Name (3) or we can change Data Type(s) (4).

When you are done, hit the Import button.

7. Done. You now have a Table available containing your imported Data out of the CSV File. With that you can continue your development.


Importing a CSV File is pretty straight forward. As it is self explaining just follow the steps provided by DWC. If required use the data manipulation functions provided by the Import Editor to adapt required changes to the data.

Further Information

If you seek for further DWC Information material, hit the DWC Product Page.

You need more help during your Implementation? Check the Product documentation for helpful implementation Guides.