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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Data Intelligence, cloud edition DI:2022/08 is now available.

Within this blog post, you will find updates on the latest enhancements in DI:2022/08. We want to share and describe the new functions and features of SAP Data Intelligence for the Q3 2022 release.

If you would like to review what was made available in the previous release, please have a look at this blog post.


This section will give you a quick preview about the main developments in each topic area. All details will be described in the following sections for each individual topic area.

SAP Data Intelligence 2022/08


Connectivity & Integration

This topic area focuses mainly on all kinds of connection and integration capabilities which are used across the product – for example: in the Metadata Explorer or on operator level in the Pipeline Modeler.

Support additional authentication types for ADL_V2 Connections

Support additional authentication mechanisms in Azure Data Lake Storage V2 connections.


oAuth based Authentication including:

  • OAuth2 with client secret

  • OAuth2 with x509 certificate and key

  • OAuth2 with username + password


Pipeline Modelling

This topic area covers new operators or enhancements of existing operators. Improvements or new functionalities of the Pipeline Modeler and the development of pipelines.

Integration with Git version control


  • leverage git version control capabilities in the Data Intelligence Modeler application through a terminal

    • Support of all single line commands of version 2.34.1 of the git command line client for linux

    • basic linux commands like cat and touch for file manipulation and other tasks available

  • dedicated policy sap.dh.gitTerminal.start that can be used in exposed policies to grant access to the git terminal



  • Improve version management during pipeline development in SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

  • Simplify exchange of artifacts between SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, git repositories and local development environments



This topic area includes all services that are provided by the system – like administration, user management or system management.

Integration Monitoring using SAP Cloud ALM (CRUN)

This feature allows tenant admins to connect their tenant to the SAP Cloud ALM for Operations Integration Monitoring to visualize the flow of SAP Passport enabled requests to and from SAP Data Intelligence.


Metadata & Governance

In this topic area you will find all features dealing with discovering metadata, working with it and also data preparation functionalities. Sometimes you will find similar information about newly supported systems. The reason is that people only having a look into one area, do not miss information as well as there could also be some more information related to the topic area.

Rules Improvements

Metadata Explorer exposes execution of rulebook, and enhances rulebook functionality to improve usability with failed records and rule scripting:

  • Ability to execute Rulebooks outside of Metadata Explorer

    • Expose public API to execute rulebook with options to save failed records

    • Execute rule operator inside a graph to execute rulebook

      • Ability to execute a rulebook after a pipeline has finished loading data into a table using pre-delivered operator and making it easier to select the rulebook that exists in Metadata Explorer

    • New API available in SAP API Business Hub

  • Easily view failed records

    • View each rule binding of a rulebook maintained and view latest failed records for that rulebook

    • No longer having to create complex SQL to join tables

  • Ability to reference a rule name within filters and conditions

    • RULE_ID can be used for filters and conditions inside of an advanced script

    • No longer having to hard code a value multiple times



These are the new functions, features and enhancements in SAP Data Intelligence, cloud edition DI:2022/08 release.

We hope you like them and, by reading the above descriptions, have already identified some areas you would like to try out.

If you are interested, please refer to What’s New in Data Intelligence – Central Blog Post.

For more updates, follow the tag SAP Data Intelligence.

We recommend visiting our SAP Data Intelligence community topic page to check helpful resources, links and what other community members post. If you have a question, feel free to check out the Q&A area and ask a question here.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Eduardo and the SAP Data Intelligence PM team