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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog post will serve as the centralized landing page for the blog posts I've written about SAP Data Intelligence Cloud. Thanks to my colleagues in the Cross Product Management - SAP HANA Database & Analytics Team for their support and expertise


SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Integration and Extensibility

Connecting to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (5 minute read)

Walks through the end-to-end process for creating a Connection to an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Space


File Upsert into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (6 minute read)

How we can use an existing Connection to UPSERT data into a table within an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Space


OpenAPI Client Basics (5 minute read)

Explains how to use the OpenAPI Client to make calls to APIs. Includes a worked example retrieving data from Qualtrics



Modeler, Pipelines and Operators

Creating Documentation for Custom Operators and Graphs (3 minute read)

Covers the process for creating your own documentation for Custom Operators and Graphs within SAP Data Intelligence Cloud itself


Pipeline Debugging (5 minute read)

Explains the Modeler's Pipeline Debugging feature and how we can use it to troubleshoot and understand our Pipelines


Pipeline Simplification Basics (4 minute read)

A simple blog post that provides an introduction to simplifying pipelines by replacing Multiplexer Operators with Output Ports


End-to-End Scenarios

Ariba Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud, Data Intelligence Cloud and HANA DocStore 


Part One

Extracting Requisition Data from SAP Ariba and storing the JSON Documents in SAP HANA Document Store

Part Two

Using JSON Documents in the SAP HANA Document Store to create a Calculation View

Part Three

Using our Calculation View as a Live Data Model in SAP Analytics Cloud - then creating SAC Stories to consume our JSON Document data in real time